Adolescent and Doe Horned Goat Feeder Plans

Goat Feeder

For information on building a feeder for adults, use these plans in reference with our blog post  or this youtube video.

These plans are designs specifically for goats 6 months to 3 years of age.



(2) 8ft 4×4 pressure treated posts

(1) 4×8 sheet of ⅜” tri-plywood
(6) 8ft 2x4s
(1) 4’ x 4’ section of 4in x 4in utility panel
(Note: Most ranch supply stores sell 4x16ft utility panel, excess is useful for more feeders or fencing)


Carpenters Square
Tape measure

Circular Saw
Circular cutting wheel or bolt cutters

Chalk line or straight edge

Fasteners (Nails or Screws) 3” used for framing & 1 ½” used for sheeting

 Step by Step:

* To make the most of your 2x4s, cut a 40” & 37” out of the same board.

Not doing this will add an additional cost of (2) 2x4s.

(4) 4×4 cut to 34 inches for NO ROOF (or cut 48 inches WITH ROOF)
(6) 2×4 cut to 40 inches
(6) 2×4 cut to 37 inches
(2) 2×4 cut to 19 inches

(2) 2×4 cut to 11 7/8 inches
(4) 14 ½” x 40 3/8” plywood side panels

(2) 16″ x 36 7/8″ plywood divider panels
* Keep scrap 2x4s to attach the 16″x36 7/8” divider panels.


Goat Feeder
With Roof 48 4×4 cuts
Goat Feeder Plans
No Roof 34 4×4 cuts


Horned Goat Feeder Plans


Step 1

Measure and mark 4” up the 4×4 pressure treated post where the bottom of the frame will be attached.

Step 2

Fasten a 37” 2×4 flush above the 4” line and flush with the outside edges of posts 1 and 2.

 Step 3

Repeat previous step with posts 3 and 4.

Goat Feeder

Step 4

Fasten a 40” 2×4 flush above the 4” line and flush with the outside edges of the 2x4s of posts 1 and 3.

Goat Feeder Plans


Step 5

Repeat this step with posts 2 and 4.

This is the base frame of the feeder.

Base Frame of Goat Feeder

Step 6

Fit the panel over the top of the frame between the corner posts supported by the base frame, 4” off the ground.

Step 7

Lift the utility panel onto the base frame. Trim along the 2x4s.

Utility Camo for Goat Feeder

Step 8

(2) 37” 2×4   (2) 40” 2×4

Measure 18 ½ ″ up the 4×4 posts from the base. Fasten the 37″ 2x4s and 40″ 2x4s flush and square to the below of the 18 ½” measurement lines.

As in Step 4 and Step 5.

Goat Feeder Plans Goat Feeder Plans

Side Panels

 Step 9

(4) 14 ½ ”x 40 3/8”

Fasten each 14 ½″ x 40 3/8” square to the top of the 18 ½″ height cross bars. Rolling on its side will help with the fastening of each sheet. Keep one side flush to the edge, which will create a 3/8 over hang that the next piece will but against. As picture on the left below details.

This should leave a 4″ gap from the bottom so goats can feed from what falls through the panel.

Rough Framing

Step 10

(2) 37” 2×4   (2) 40” 2×4

Measure 31 ½″ up from the base and flush and square above the measurement line, which will put the top at 34” from the base.

Fasten each 2×4 like in Step 4 and Step 5.

Goat Feeder

Divider Panels

Step 11

Using the scrap 2x4s, fasten both 16” x 36 7/8” divider panels together at a 90-degree angle along the 36 7/8” edge making a triangle divider.

Step 12

Place the triangle divider panel centered of the feeder. From the outside panel, use a 3” screw to fasten to help avoid sagging.

Center Divider of Goat Feeder

Divider Bars

Step 13

(2) 19” 2x4s

Center of the opening, 15” center. Opposite sides of the divider panel. Fasten on the inside the (2) 19” 2x4s. If using 3” screws don’t counter sink and drive at an angle, to avoid the point of the screw going through the other side.

Step 14

(2) 11 7/8” 2x4s

Center of the Divider Panels toenail screws into the 37” 2x4s.

Divider of Goat Feeder



Adolescent Horned Goat Feeder
The best low waste feeder for goats with horns

(Pictured with winter bedding)
If building an outdoor feeder, a simple lean to or peak style roof can then be added to the top of the posts while still allowing space for easy top-load or slot feeding access.
It can be helpful to place a cinder block under the center of the feeder to help support the utility panel floor of the feeder if you find it sags over time.

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