Horned Pack Goat Feeder

horned goat feeder

This horned goat feeder is the best design to date for feeding goats with horns.

Feeding horned pack goats sounds simple, but it isn’t.  Why??? It’s not all just about simply feeding them.  There is “baggage” to goats that you will have to solve.

  • Problem one. If you are trying to feed multiple goats, the few most dominant goats will bully all the others… This means, either you have a feeder for each goat, or you build a feeder where multiple goats will eat together in peace.
  • Problem two. Goats are very wasteful eaters… They will grab a bite and chew. Usually over half of it will fall out of their mouth and get left to waste on the ground. This waste is then soiled and they won’t touch it if it smells at all like poop or pee.
  • Problem three. You need to keep the hay protected from the elements. They are quick to leave it alone when it’s wet and the chaff will mold quickly. If hay or feed gets wet, this can be very bad for your goats. (research goat polio).
  • Problem four. You will need to keep babies out of the feeder. Babies love to bed in the fresh hay and carry in poop in on their hooves. Also, they and poop in the feeder itself spreading parasites. As stated above, goats won’t touch pooped on or peed on hay or feed.

The Solution

It took a lot of trial and error to get to a design that solved these issues… Hope this video helps!

The horned goat feeder design solves every difficulty to feeding goats with horns. This feeder almost completely minimizes waste. It also effectively keeps babies and all goats out of the feeder. The roofed design and side walls protect feed from the elements. Best of all, it will feed both dominant and subdominant goats at once!

The dimensions for this feeder are 54 tall by 57 long by 42 wide. The openings are 17 x 17 and the the base of the opening is 20 inches.  Also, for full plans to this feeder style, check out our adolescent horned goat feeder plans!


horned goat feeder

4 thoughts on “Horned Pack Goat Feeder

    • Marc Warnke says:

      The dimentions are 54 tall by 57 long by 42 wide. The openings are 17 x 17 and the the base of the opening is 20 inches.

  1. Jason Carpenter says:

    You’re website is awesome. Will be reading everything. I am a Nubian goat breeder in California. Just gettin started. I love my goats and it’s obvious you love yours. Thank you.

    • Marc Warnke says:

      Well thanks for the Kudos and you are right…I dig mine a lot. Glad you are finding the site helpful. Please share it around.

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