Camp Management and Strategies

Camp Management and Strategies

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Features to look for in a campsite

  • Camp on running water
  • Around deadfall for wood
  • Away from other people
  • Flat ground
  • Grassy area


Camp Layout

pack goat gear list

  • Goat area
    • Highline or lowline between trees in a grassy area so they wont dig up the ground
    • 20 yards from kitchen and tent site
  • Kitchen area
  • Tent area


Food and Water for Goats

  • Late season packing has less vegetation and less water in the vegetation
  • Alfalfa pellets are great
  • Plan for a 1/2 gallon/day/goat if there is absolutely zero water available, adjust accordingly depending on if there is any water available

Best Management Practices

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Managing Predators

  • Use bells, and collars
  • Pack in bear spray or a gun
  • Use a high line. This keeps your goats from running off and gives them the most ability to protect themselves from predators


Camp Manners

  • Teach your goats where they can and can’t be with the squirt bottle
  • Graze an hour and a half in the morning and evening
  • Don’t need to be tied up during the day
  • NEVER leave your goats alone, they should be in sight at all times


Leave No Trace

  • If there is not a fire ring already, do not make a new one. Bring a fire pan or fire blanket.
  • Scratched up beds. Get the poop out, fill in the scratched up bed with pine needles, bark chip etc
  • Goat poop. Spread it out
  • Rubs on trees. Use a high line between trees, do not tie up goats to trees directly
  • Pack out all your trash
[video_embed url=”https://youtu.be/1Z49r4QTwxY”]NAPga is the North American Pack Goat Association. Their mission is to “promote the use of goats as eco-friendly pack animals”. They have created some best management practices to help packers in the back country. In this video Marc chats with Curtis King, the president of NAPgA, about those best practices.[video_embed url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWVmn9T3Gac&t=28s”]https://www.napga.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/BMP_2020.pdf
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