Optimal Pasture Set-Up: Forage & Goat Milk Health

Optimal Pasture Set-Up: Forage & Goat Milk Health

[video_embed url=”https://youtu.be/QkXS_MnTHOA”]Forage and Goat Milk Heath

Key factors when goats forage, think of the health benefits. What they consume comes back to either meat or in their milk.


  • Goats forage differently, they will select the ripest and most nutritional pastures best for them.
  • Experiment with different seeds


Goat Milk Health

  • Similar to Whole Cow’s Milk
  • Goat milk taken, collected, and chilled properly is delicious
  • Very nutritious prevents diseases
  • Herbs goats eat makes the milk healthy
  • Read a book called: Blue Zones
  • Interacting with milk goats creates special bonds
  • Be resourceful and get Milk Goats
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