Setting Up Goat Camp

Setting Up Goat Camp

Setting Up Goat Camp

So, I’m going to show you how when I’m in camp how I think about things.  It’s a beautiful night we’re going to have asteroids tonight so we’re just going to sleep on the ground, and I want the goats close enough but far enough.  I want them close enough where something disturbs them, I hear about it and far away enough they don’t keep me up with their burping all night and scratching out beds and all the fun stuff they love to do.  So, and then I also when I’m using the highline kit which if you don’t have the highline you should.  It’s freaking awesome.

Highline Kit Comes in Three and Six Goat Set Up

We have a three unit one and this is the six-goat unit one.  I can tie up like ten goats.  I put ten goats on the way I have this set up.  Just ask for extra connections and you’ll see all that.  Anyway, so find a tree to the right and tree to the left that are small enough in diameter.   The way we have this system set up you can put it around giant trees but it’s just extra steps.  So, I try to look for reasonably small trees that don’t have a bunch of brush on them that are over a fairly flat plain because if you have a lot of undulations where you do your highline some of them are too close to the string and some of them are to low.

Setting Up Goat Camp is Not Rocket Science

So, I like this because I can go across; however, the edge guys might be a little higher than I want to be but it’s close as you get.  So, when you’re using this thing, it’s not rocket science.  If you put it away the same way every time you set it out it makes it really easy to pull apart and set up.  And of course, the goats are going to be their usual helpful self while you do this process.  So, it’s just wrap around a tree and again if you need the extra step, don’t forget you can wrap around a big tree and use one highline to connect to a tree and other highline can connect to another tree.

I always like to hang these about throat high at about 5ft.  So, you can see it’s kind of about shoulder height.  That’s one sideAnd then I’m going to just keep it tight and roll it off as I go and again if you put it away right then this is super simple.  Your highline can be either a giant pain in your butt or it can be super simple.  And I like super simple.So now down at the end and you know I’m always running a bunch of goats so I’m looking for these big set ups.  I have the 6-goat set up.  Wrap the end up again at throat height and hook this little thing through.  It’s like a little clutch motor and slide orange thing down.  Pull and the highline goes up.  There we go.  You just tie up goats and ready to roll.  As you can see, I’m in a spot where goats aren’t going to dig out beds and they are far enough from my camp.

Setting Up Goat Camp: About The Highline Kit

This Kit is available in two size options.  One holds three goats and one holds six goats. Each kit is equipped with one Cam Jam, pre-tied prussiks, cord, lead lines and two tree straps. Just suspend the line between two trees and you are ready to tie up your goats. Tree size does not matter because the cord and carabiner make the system self adjusting. Its simple design makes setting up camp efficient for the times you’re caught in a rain storm or rolling in to camp with headlamps.

Orange Screws

In addition, the Orange Screws pair nicely with the Highline Kit if you ever need to tie down a goat or set a low line. We have some great resources in our Pack Goats 101 Course that has everything you need for goat packing.

Pack Goat 101 Course

The Pack Goat 101 Course is the most informational and comprehensive tool anywhere for packing with goats. No matter your level of experience in goat packing there is something in this course for you. This course will benefit anyone regardless of goals for a pack goat string. Whether it’s day trips in the front country or long hauls far from any trail head it is sure to be beneficial. Pack Goat 101 speaks to every topic on packing with goats from the most basic to advanced packing tips, tricks, strategies, and preparation. This course is the ultimate tool to propel you into a successful pack goat owner.