How To Castrate Your Goat

How To Castrate Your Goat

How To Castrate Your Goat

I’m going to show you how to use the California bander which I’ve done Burdizo, I’ve done castration traditional cutting.  I’ve also done little bands.  And for goats if you are trying to help them have a developed urethra, you need to push to that 4–6-month mark to let their urethra fully develop. They need to be you know in those early stages of rut and that’s your indication he’s ready to be castrated.  Make sure you have your CDT done with your goat.  A stanchion is handy to have too.

How To Castrate Your Goat : Using The California Bander

So, the way you use the California Bander we show you in this video done live.This little guy is doing all those little things at 4 ½ months, so he’s a little on the earlier end but at the same time you can see the size of his testicles now.  They are super huge; there’s no way you’re going to get a bander around that.  So, the California bander works awesome, and I highly recommend it.[video_embed url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJ2KtgZVkvg&t=247s”]

Checking The California Bander

One of the things I like to do is make sure I get his testicles low in his scrotum because then that keeps me away from the teats.  I grab as low as I can get because that is the hard part is to grab them low.  And then I’m going to take all the stretch out of the band and come around and he’s done.  Simple system.  It’s easy.  Check to make sure the teats are up and out of the bander.

Helping Your Goat With A Little Discomfort

Sometimes what I’ll do is I’ll go ahead at this point and put some banamine; I have a pour on banamine I’ll put right over their back.  It will help a little bit of the pain but honestly, I find these guys adjust to it really well. They’re going to walk around gut punched for you know a day maybe.  Most of them it’s 20-30 minutes and then they’re kind of up and down…. but with all the ways you can castrate, I by far prefer the California bander.For a complete list of steps, see our California Bander product page.  You can also purchase a set of 5 bands to go with your bander.