Setting Up Your Goat Milking Area

Goat Stanchion

Setting Up Your Goat Milking Area

Milking GoatsHave you thought about having milk goats and wondered if setting up your milking area will be complicated and expensive? It simply is not that at all. That is to say, first thing, have a dedicated area to milk your does separate from the other goats. Have everything ready to go so there is no setup each time and to avoid making it frustrating and overwhelming. Secondly, start small, don’t invest before you are sure this is what you want. It is easy to get started with a covered area, a stanchion, and simple cleaning procedures for yourself and your doe. Finally, go for it, you can produce a quality product in a basic milking area.


The Ideal Goat Milking Area Setup

The key to an ideal goat milking area setup is the functionality. In addition, keeping yourself successful. With these helpful tips, as a result, this process will become more efficient, more consistent, and more enjoyable.

  • The milking area doesn’t have to be fancy just functional.
  • The area should be designated for milking goats only.
  • It is important to start small and be as efficient as possible.
  • Electricity with good lighting is important if you are going to be milking in the early morning when it is dark.
  • Floors and walls should be easy to clean.
  • A door helps keep dust, critters, and flies out.
  • Cabinets are handy to store cleaning materials and if you have a milk machine.
  • A refrigerator is handy so you can quickly cool the milk.
  • Stainless steel sink is the best material for cleaning.
  • Hot water heater, 2.5-gallon great starter for cleaning and washing hands, 4 gallons to fill frozen water buckets.
  • There are different types of stanchion setups. However, if you have a horned goat versus a non-horned goat, the neck brace may be different. Stanchions are important for the goat to stand on while milking. A wood stanchion is more economical. Here is a tip, have you asked yourself, do I need a stanchion for my goat? If you answered yes your goat milking area would definitely benefit, check out our quality goat stanchion building plans here.


Consider setting up your goat milking area and go for it. Take on the adventure of milking with the right tools, so it can be an enjoyable happy everyday task. This video shows how using the simple pulse milking machine of how easy it is milking a goat. Get the A-Z Milk Goat Course to make your life easier to quickly learn more tips. This course can short-cut your time to be a successful steward of goats. Whether you are a first-time milker or you’re experienced but looking for the finer points; this course will help you.

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