Why Raising Goats Bring You Happiness

Baby Goats

Why Raising Goats Bring You Happiness

What could possibly be a greater joy than raising goats which brings you happiness? The definition of happiness is the state of feeling or showing pleasure, contentment, or intense joy. However, happiness is different for everyone. It could be a fresh-brewed cup of coffee, snuggles in the morning, a nice long run in the crisp cool air, or a hot yoga session. Now more than ever in today’s new normal (coronavirus pandemic) finding your happiness makes a huge impact on the way we live our lives. Having goats in your life, watching them jump, play, and bounce along while bleating (also known as screaming) is just the beginning of a lifelong journey to be happy and healthy. Take a look at why goats bring you happiness.

The Science Behind Happiness

Just a quick education on how the science behind happiness affects your thoughts and everyday life. There are four hormones; dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins. Together these happy chemicals promote a healthy life. Goats, not only bring happiness but also boosts mental well-being.

  • Dopamine– motivation & reward, stimulates how you feel. For example, set a goal, take steps, and accomplish it. So if you have low dopamine (depression), you lose interest, motivation, and no longer enjoy those things. Build it up by making short term goals, each step conquers and fulfills. Those goals lead to a reward.
  • Serotonin– mood-setter, a hormone to regulate bone health, sleep, and digestion. Don’t let low self-esteem and feeling worthless keep you down.  Build it up by taking on new adventures, tasks, and exercising. It reduces depression and anxiety but the new challenges help you overcome and build confidence.
  • Oxytocin– love or cuddle hormone, very crucial for bonding and trust. By giving a kiss or a hug, this helps to relax and ease stress. So when you interact with a pet or give eye contact the oxytocin levels increase to those warm fuzzy feelings where you just can’t stop smiling.
  • Endorphins– a feel-good hormone, the body’s natural painkiller. So when you are hurt or in pain these endorphins give a rush feel to reduce pain and enhance pleasure. Build it up with laughter, work out, go on hikes, or meditate, doing so will promote positive feelings, happiness, and pleasures.

To promote a healthy happy life, goats seem to be the answer! Let’s see why.

  1. Find motivation by setting a goal. The goal to buy a goat. Take the steps to bring your baby goats home. By setting a goal, each step is preparing you to get your babies home. Feel happy each step closer to your reward.
  2. Take on new adventures! Try packing with goats, or start by hiking with them. For videos of goats in action, check out the packgoats.com YouTube channel.  Get out and be adventurous!
  3. Goats are intelligent, they communicate and form bonds through hugs, petting, and spending time with them. No matter your day when being with goats you are sure to feel relaxed and stress-free when feeding, milking, hiking, or just enjoying each other’s company.
  4. Get some sun, Laugh a lot, work out, what better way to feel good while being with goats!

Goats Make You Happier, So What Are You Waiting For?

Why raising goats make us happier? Because they inspire us to get outside and get active. Therefore, our mental health and happiness depend on it. The benefits of raising goats make you happier. For example, every morning when you greet your cute goats their curiosity and fun personalities bring smiles to your face. Taking care of them by feeding, petting, trimming their hooves, and giving them all your love makes you feel good. Happy people are more successful, more productive, and more creative. Most importantly happy people have goats and everyone that visits them leaves feeling happy too.

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