3 Tips How To Tame A Goat

3 Tips How To Tame A Goat

Marc Warnke, at packgoats.com, shares 3 tips on how to tame a goat. He has been raising goats for over 9 years. Along the way, he has learned what works and the challenges he has overcome. The most common questions he is asked are how to tame a scared goat or how to gentle up a goat. It will depend on how old the goat is, how it was fed, and how it has interacted. We hope to be helpful with the resources you need for raising goats.

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The First Interaction to Tame a Goat

The first interaction to tame a goat is very crucial because prior to bringing them home the only interaction was being hurt. They haven’t been caught, pet, or loved on. Then a human caught them hurt them, gave them a shot, caught them again hurt them by being castrated. So now they think human interaction is dangerous. Spending 5 days to 2 weeks with these 3 tips will help you succeed in taming your goat.

A Space to Capture with No Option to Get Away

Tip #1 A space to capture with no option to get away. Work in an area where the goats can’t escape and give you the opportunity to move slow, give love, and talk sweet. The age of your goat will determine if an enclosure will work or an outside pen of 10×10. Notice their body language being in predator mode. That will look like they are a statue. But as you are giving love, spending 15 minutes in each session they will start moving their head back and forth as a sign of being gentle. The key is to have an area where the goat can not bolt out. Do not chase. That will put them in predator mode. You will know if you are making progress by letting them go and they leave slowly.

Give Treats to Tame a Goat

Tip #2 Giving treats to tame a goat will build trust. Depending on how they react, pull them into your space. Hand feed them their treats, for example, fruit, animal crackers, or peanuts. Goats are picky but keep trying. In the beginning, they may not show any interest. Just keep offering and the trust will come. Spend 15 minutes interacting with petting and bringing them into your space. For an adult goat, put treats in a bucket or bowl and each day move closer to the treats to try to pet and give loves.

Build Trust with Love and Hands-on 

Tip #3 To tame a goat, build trust with love, and be hands-on. Talk to them with a soft and calm voice. If your goat is a baby, bottle feeding with build a close bond. Check out this article for more information on How to bottle feed baby goats. Not only will your bond grow stronger but the hands-on every day will help the goat become more gentle. An adult goat will still be in predator mode so love and hands-on sessions may become twice a day 15 for minutes. Speaking with a calm voice and approaching them to give them pets is one day closer to taming.

Key Facts to Remember

Key facts to remember on how to tame a goat will depend on how much time and how much love you give. An enclosed space will allow you to create a place where you can give love, treats, and hands-on. Limit how much vet activity is given for negative interactions. Move slow, talk calmly, keep it fun, catch them as fast as you can, and love them up.Hope you found this article helpful. Check out our website at Packgoats.com to learn more and get the resources you need to help you succeed in your goals. Marc Warnke has a big heart when it comes to loving goats. He has created courses and products to help you become a successful steward of goats.Did You Know?

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