3 Things New Goats Owners Must Know

Lifesteading Event Speaker Marc Warnke

3 Things New Goat Owners Must Know So you are thinking about getting goats for your homestead, farm, or backyard? In this article, we share the 3 things new goat owners must know. But before we share these three things we would like to welcome you to our blog. Take a look around and check […]

New to Goats? Birthing and Milking

Goat Birthing

New to Goats? Birthing and Milking Are you new to goats on your homestead or ranch? Want to learn to birth your own healthy goats? Did you decide to get a goat and found out she was pregnant? When birthing goats milking them follows. That’s a lot of learning and researching if you have never […]

Why Goats Make The Best Stock Animal

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Why Goats Make The Best Stock Animal Have you ever been hiking or hunting and it feels like a highway of people everywhere? Imagine getting up to higher elevations and away from others to have space just for you. Sure horses, mules, and llamas can get you there but only if the trail is clear. […]

Goat Milk Soap

Homemade Goat Milk Soap There are many delicious products to make from goat milk. We have tried cheesecake, ice cream, and caramels. But have you ever wondered how to make homemade goat milk soap? Here at packgoats.com, we like many other homesteaders and farmers know the abundance of milk. In this article, you will learn […]

Pack Goat 4H Project Kits

Pack Goat $H Project Kits

Pack Goat 4H Project Kits Welcome! Here at Packgoats.com, we have all the resources and tools to help you find success. We have put together 2 kits for the Pack Goat 4H Project. To accommodate all sizes, you will find Kit 1 for the smaller breeds and Kit 2 for the larger breeds. If you […]

3 Ways to Know if Your Goat is Pregnant

Signs Of Labor With Your Pregnant Doe

3 Ways to Know if Your Goat is Pregnant There are a few ways to verify whether or not your goat is pregnant. Waiting to find out is the hard part. At Packgoats.com we are committed to helping you learn and prepare for owning goats on your homestead. Here are 3 ways to know if […]

Learn How to Draw Blood from a Goat

Learn How to Draw Blood from a Goat Are you dreading the vet bill for blood draws? It is that time of year to test your goats for common diseases and to see if your does are pregnant. When it comes to blood draws it can be overwhelming and scary. However, don’t feel intimated or […]

Getting Started with a Pack Goat 4H Project

What is 4H? 4H is a youth development organization for kids, ages 5 to 19 years old. They learn life skills, meet friends, experience leadership, and community involvement. Kids complete hands-on projects with guidance from adult mentors in areas like health, science, agriculture, and citizenship, in a positive environment and become the next generation of […]

Support Goat Education

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Support Goat Education Whether you choose pack goats for backcountry adventures or goats to have on your sustainable farm. You will be blessed and intrigued by these amazing companions! At packgoats.com we appreciate your support in the ongoing discovery of goat education, nutrition, and health! We want to help with all your goat needs. Marc […]

3 Tips How To Tame A Goat

3 Tips How To Tame A Goat Marc Warnke, at packgoats.com, shares 3 tips on how to tame a goat. He has been raising goats for over 9 years. Along the way, he has learned what works and the challenges he has overcome. The most common questions he is asked are how to tame a […]