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Your Source For Goat Information and Gear

Marc Warnke, known as the goat guy at Packgoats.com, is your source for goat information and gear. The desire started 9 years ago when he wanted his family to join him in the backcountry. But having small children, and his at the time wife barely at 115 pounds, carrying all the gear was unrealistic. Researching stock animals, goats were the dream critter to own, being affordable and easier to care for. The problem was there was not much information to raise or care for nor finding the proper gear. Today, Packgoats.com has been reached globally to hobby goat owners, homesteaders, 4-H projects, and goat packers. We have created resources to help you raise, train, and learn all things goats.

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Pack Goat Movement

The pack goat movement has become global. People are realizing goats are the best stock animal. The advantages that are known are that they are easier, safer, and cheaper than horses, llamas, and mules. Goats can go anywhere we go, in the dead downfall, rocky, steep, off-trail stuff. They could actually outclimb us on any surface. You don’t need to lead goats they are herd animals. No worrying about packing in food or water and they are the most self-sustaining stock animals. A scared goat runs to you, it doesn’t run away from you or all the way back to the trailer 10 miles down the mountain. Goats are the ultimate backcountry companion, come join the thousands of goat owners who are joining the pack goat movement.

Pandemic Inspires Goat Owners

The pandemic had inspired families to become more sufficient. When products were sold out, unavailable for weeks or even months, families turned to the homestead lifestyle. Homesteading has many meanings, to some, it was to grow their own vegetables, raise meat animals, have eggs, and have access to an abundance of milk. Many people don’t have the space to have large animals. Goats are the best choice on the farm. They produce milk, are raised for meat, control brush, and are the best companions. But how do you raise goats, treat them for illnesses, prevent diseases, and the list goes on. As a result, people are buying goats and needing help. Our goal at packgoats.com is to be helpful, we have the resources and tools to help you succeed and feel confident to grow your goats healthy and happy.

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Social Media Sources

A growing source for the goat community is social media. That 9 years ago online, the information was 10 people that were serious packers that made 5 trips a year maybe doing 200 miles. There were about 10 people who were lowkey just day hikers. Today, social media groups are forming at a rapid rate which allows our brand to grow globally and is now growing into reality tv shows on the Discovery Channel, and documentaries. As a result, people are seeking our website for resources. At packgoats.com we want to be helpful in all things goats. We have many sources available, Youtube channel, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and our website. On our website, you can have access to courses, gear, backcountry supplies, and even purchase your baby goats. Join the goat community, we can’t wait for you to start your journey.

Did you know?

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Support Ongoing Goat Research 

Marc strives to change the mindset about goats being disposable farm animals to an amazing companion with utility through education, experience, and information. His drive is towards equal treatment and improved care of goats by the scientific community. By changing misconceptions, we build a community of goat lovers who work together to enhance the lives of goats through the prevention of disease and enhanced care. We at packgoats.com appreciate your support in the ongoing discovery of goat education, nutrition, and health!