5 Mistakes New Goat Owners Make

5 Mistakes New Goat Owners Make

At Packgoats.com we get asked lots of questions. For example how to raise baby goats, how to train pack goats, how to milk goats, and even questions about how to birth goats. Also questions about health, nutrition, shelter, etc. Having goats is the dopamine you need in your life. Cute little bleats and jumping around, you just can’t stop smiling. It is not a good feeling when a goat is sick and you have no idea what to do next or not being prepared to raise goats. Having the right resources, tools and supplies will help make raising goats a success.

Goat Owner Mistake #1 Seeking a Goat Mentor

The first mistake new goat owners make is not seeking a goat mentor. Somebody to reach out to for resources, message back and forth to learn from, and gives you the confidence to keep your goat alive and healthy. A mentor who troubleshoots, does the research, and is experiential.

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Goat Owner Mistake #2 Can’t Have Just One Goat

Goat owner mistake #2, you can’t have just one goat, besides being cute and awesome, goats are a herd animal. They need companions to keep themselves busy or they will become bored and noisy. Goats being curious critters by nature if alone will destroy because of boredom. Depending on why you have goats, whether it be for packing into the backcountry, homesteading with milk goats, meat goats, or just for cute pets they need friends.

Goat Owner Mistake #3 Having Proper Fence and Shelter

Goat owner mistake #3, having the proper fence and shelter to keep goats safe and protected. It is important that the fencing and shelter are properly placed and built. Keeping out predators and giving the right amount of space for growth and kept out of the weather.

Goat Owner Mistake #4 Knowing When to Vaccinate and How to Treat Sickness

Goat owner mistake #4, not knowing when to vaccinate and how to treat sickness. It can be overwhelming to care for your goat’s needs, learn with confidence.

Packgoats.com: For more helpful information on raising baby goats through their first year of life, check out the How to Raise a Baby Goat Course.

Goat Owner Mistake #5 Not Properly Feeding and Keeping Goats Healthy

Goat owner mistake #5, not properly feeding and keeping goats healthy. It is crucial to their growth and full potential, good parasite, and nutrition. Resources are necessary to care for baby goats. Don’t get discouraged, know when to introduce grass hay, bottle feeding, know how often and how much. Most importantly how to keep them healthy, by trimming hooves, getting fecal checks, and vaccinations. For more resources check out our courses at packgoats.com to succeed in raising happy healthy goats.Don’t make these 5 mistakes new goat owners make. Find a mentor, get ya a few goats, be prepared on the homestead before they arrive, and be confident of how to care for your goats. At packgoats.com we want to help you. Check out this article about what a new goat owner should know to guide you through the steps and make it less stressful.