New to Goats? Birthing and Milking

Goat Birthing

New to Goats? Birthing and Milking Are you new to goats on your homestead or ranch? Want to learn to birth your own healthy goats? Did you decide to get a goat and found out she was pregnant? When birthing goats milking them follows. That’s a lot of learning and researching if you have never […]

What Makes Owning A Milk Goat Hard

Milking Goats

A-Z Milk Goat Course Having an A-Z Milk Goat course is something to be of worth. It is a guide on how to start, how to raise, and know goat health and wellness. Also personal consumption, and maybe even selling some milk in a small operation. We will be covering the process of milking goats […]

Your Source For Goat Information and Gear

Goat Guys 2022 Calendar

Your Source For Goat Information and Gear Marc Warnke, known as the goat guy at Packgoats.com, is your source for goat information and gear. The desire started 9 years ago when he wanted his family to join him in the backcountry. But having small children, and his at the time wife barely at 115 pounds, […]

What Is Floppy Kid Syndrome

Floppy Goat Syndrome

Floppy Kid Syndrome, also known as FKS is a disease or toxicity characterized by metabolic acidosis and may be coupled with microorganisms in the gut. Rather than having a neutral pH in the bloodstream, it becomes acidic due to undigested milk in the stomach, caused by overfeeding. As a reminder, this can happen in dam-raised […]

5 Mistakes New Goat Owners Make

5 Mistakes New Goat Owners Make At Packgoats.com we get asked lots of questions. For example how to raise baby goats, how to train pack goats, how to milk goats, and even questions about how to birth goats. Also questions about health, nutrition, shelter, etc. Having goats is the dopamine you need in your life. […]

Goat Course Bundles

Premium Bundle Course

Goat Course Bundles Goat course bundles have been created to help you succeed in raising healthy happy goats. Goats are the most fascinating and incredible critters, at PackGoats.com our mission is to become a leading resource on all things for owning your goats. In addition, help you feel confident about the information and be successful […]

Build Your Own Goat Feeder

build your own goat feeder

Build Your Own Goat Feeder Want your herd to be happy and healthy? Build your own goat feeder, and feel good knowing that they are safe and getting the nutrition they need. Read the benefits of having a good design on a goat feeder so when researching you will avoid the frustration of choosing which best […]

What Is The Best Breed For A Milk Goat

Milking Goats

What Is The Best Breed For A Milk Goat? In this article, you will learn what is the best breed for a milk goat. There are many types of dairy goats, that is to say, knowing what your production goals are. Most goat owners start with raising cute goat kids. Another option is acquiring a […]

How To Wean a Baby Goat From The Bottle

Goat Milk Superfood

How To Wean A Baby Goat From The Bottle In this article learn how to wean a baby goat from the bottle. The weaning process begins around 12 weeks of age. For the first year of a goat’s life, we recommend offering free choice grass mix and minerals. As a result, the free choice of […]

CDT Vaccination For Baby Goats

CDT Vaccination For Baby Goats

Giving Baby Goats CDT Vaccination Giving your baby goats their CDT vaccination is critical; they prevent common diseases. However, a baby is really susceptible to disease after birth. The most important vaccination is the CD&T vaccination, a vaccine for enterotoxemia and tetanus. Enterotoxemia is caused by two types of bacteria, clostridium perfringens, type C and […]

Make Homemade Goat Milk Ice Cream

Goat Milk Ice Cream

Have You Ever Tried Goat Milk Ice Cream? Have you ever tried making homemade goat milk ice cream? In this article, you will learn how to make homemade goat milk ice cream. Hopefully, you are adventurous and try it! Remember serotonin is the mood-setter hormone that regulates digestion. Not only do these cute critters bring […]

On Your Homestead, Goats vs Cows: Cost

pack goats

On your Homestead, Goats vs Cows: Cost On your homestead goats vs cows, find the ideal valuable choice while achieving and establishing your lifestyle. By choosing what fits best, create the delicious desires that fulfill the needs of your family.  Therefore, it would help you reach those goals when you have chosen to raise your own meat, supply milk, and […]

Why Homesteading with Goats is the Best

Baby Goats

Homesteading is a lifestyle providing self-sufficiency that produces. However, everyone has their own definition of what it means to them. Being a homesteader in this modern-day, there are many possibilities. But it all comes down to what meets your needs and guidelines in your state. Take a look at why goats are the best on […]