How to Set Up Your Campsite With Pack Goats

Pack Goat Gear

Setting a Campsite with Pack Goats How you set your campsite with pack goats in the back country is very important. Not only for your comfort and ease, but also your goat’s safety. It’s also critical to the impact on the camp area itself.  Some things that need to be considered before you set your […]

How to Haul Pack Goats

How to haul pack goats

How to Haul Pack Goats For more information on transporting goats and things to consider for the best goat hauler, check out this article. When you are planning how to haul pack goats there are several things to consider.  There’s something people don’t realize about what happens to pack goats in the back of your […]

How to Cross Water With Pack Goats

How to cross water with pack goats

How to Cross Water with Pack Goats  I get asked all the time how to cross water with pack goats. Training a pack goat to cross water is very easy when done correctly. There are a couple of things to consider before we dive in, so let’s discuss those first. Your goat’s safety must be […]

Introducing New Goats to the Pasture and String

Introducing new goats

Introducing New Goats to your Pasture and String This article will go in depth and help you know about introducing new goats into the pasture.  First off, new babies under 3 months need to be protected from your adult goats. In my opinion there is a proper way to introduce them.  Now, I say this […]