5 Goat Products You Can’t Survive Winter Without

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5 Goat Products You Can’t Survive Winter Without  Winter can be a stressful time, without the help of these 5 goat products you can’t survive. Having the guidance of great tips and resources found at packgoats.com will find your winter a success. Check out this article for more information on how goats thrive through winter. […]

Equipment You Will Need for Late Season Goat Packing

Equipment You Will Need for Late Season Goat Packing The equipment you will need for late season goat packing is a durable and adaptable tent, goat coats and high visibility neckbands for your goats.   It is fall season which means nice warm days but chilly evenings and freezing temperatures during the night when you are […]

Pack Goat Elk Hunting Video

Hunting with Pack Goats

Pack Goat Elk Hunting Pack goat elk hunting is such a treat. This trip wouldn’t have been possible without pack goats. Watch as Marc Warnke and his buddies harvest two good bulls while hunting alongside their trusty pack goats.  Hunting With Pack Goats can be amazingly rewarding. See more of Marc Warnke’s hunting with pack […]

How to Set Up Your Campsite With Pack Goats

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Setting a Campsite with Pack Goats How you set your campsite with pack goats in the back country is very important. Not only for your comfort and ease, but also your goat’s safety. It’s also critical to the impact on the camp area itself.  Some things that need to be considered before you set your […]

How to Haul Pack Goats

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How to Haul Pack Goats For more information on transporting goats and things to consider for the best goat hauler, check out this article. When you are planning how to haul pack goats there are several things to consider.  There’s something people don’t realize about what happens to pack goats in the back of your […]

Charlie Jennings’ Take on Wyoming’s Decision Regarding Pack Goats

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Pack Goats: Wyoming’s Decision and Risk Analysis Report This article is a review of Wyoming’s decision to limit boundaries for use with pack goats. First of all, here is a link to the document and decision of the Forest Service and the USDA about the Shoshone National Forest.  https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fseprd566629.pdf .   Here is the past President […]

What You Need To Know About Spreading Out Pack Goat Ages

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What You Need to Know about Spreading Out Pack Goat Ages Building a good string of pack goats takes years so it’s important to strategize pack goat ages.  You have to start with babies and you won’t be putting full loads on them until they are 4 years old. Also, plan on them slowing down […]

The Pack Goat Rendezvous 2018

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Pack Goat Rendezvous The Pack Goat Rendezvous, better known as “The Rendy”, is a super fun event that every goat packer should put on their calendar. For a new goat packer, the Rendy is a must. People literally come from around the world (last year we had one from Australia and another from Hawaii).  You […]

Horned Pack Goat Feeder

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This horned goat feeder is the best design to date for feeding goats with horns. Feeding horned pack goats sounds simple, but it isn’t.  Why??? It’s not all just about simply feeding them.  There is “baggage” to goats that you will have to solve. Problem one. If you are trying to feed multiple goats, the […]