Cheap Baby Goat Shelter

Cheap Baby Goat Shelter

Cheap Baby Goat Shelter

Here on the farm at packgoats.com, we know raising baby goats for the first time on your farm, homestead, or backyard, a goat shelter is a necessity. Especially a cheap easy goat shelter. Even though goats are equipped to live outdoors. They still need protection from rain, snow, wind, and extreme temperatures. This article helps you decide which cheap baby goat shelter fits your needs. Check out how to set up a goat shelter for a more in-depth setup. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more helpful tips and resources on everything goat.

Simple Baby Goat Shelter

A simple baby goat shelter is the best and a smart way to reduce the time and money to purchase other things on the homestead. New goat owners make the mistake of thinking their baby goat shelter needs to be extravagant and expensive. That is not true. In fact, having simple and less expensive shelters turn out to actually be the best shelters for your goats. These containers are handy, cut out a hole put in a heat lamp. Cut the roof off but keep it under to keep the ground dry so no urine or rain gets inside and cause sickness.

3 Sided Roofed Shelter for Baby Goats

When preparing a shelter for baby goats a 3 sided, the roofed shelter works well for a birthing doe. Should you relocate your does in the future, the 3 sided, the roofed shelter will accommodate your kids as they grow.

Grass/straw bedding, access to feed, mineral & water, and a heat lamp for the colder season are necessary. The heat lamp will warm the kids as they are born. We recommend a plastic basket heat lamp that reduces the chances of the light bulb is broken and causing any damage. The heat lamp should remain with the kid’s shelter until temperatures are appropriate to remove the lamp.

Adapt to Temperature Change 

When the temperatures change goats are great at tolerating the heat and cold, but if the weather in your area gets below freezing, provide a shelter for them to go into to keep warm. When it gets above 90 degrees, then provide shade and cool fresh clean water. In Winter, provide a deep bedding method to create warmth. Do Not use heaters in the goat shelter; many people have lost their goats and barns to heater fires.


It is important to clean the shelter once a week (at a minimum) for the health of the kids as they grow. Removal of the grass/straw bedding is necessary as it collects urine and feces which can breed bacteria. During the third week, we add Stall Fresh (a deodorizer) and cedar shavings to reduce odor and improve urine uptake underneath the grass/straw bedding.

Be Ready and Prepared

Make sure your property is ready for your goats and learn how to set up a shelter system. Get the How to raise a baby goat course or the Pack Goat 101 course and be successful in growing happy healthy goats.

Be sure to check out packgoats.com our mission is to become a leading resource on all things for owning your goats. In addition, help you feel confident about the information and be successful in caring for your goats.

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