Goat Milk “The Superfood”

Goat Milk Superfood

Goat milk superfood



Goat Milk – The “Superfood”

Goat milk has nutritional value and health benefits for everyone.

The Value of Goat Milk

Nutrition: How is goat milk, the “superfood”, different from cow’s milk?

Goat milk has become known as a superfood because it is naturally homogenized and and is a source of so many essential nutrients and minerals the body needs to function.  Goat milk has a high source of protein, fat, phosphorus, iodine, vitamin A and calcium.  Fat globules are smaller in goat milk versus cow milk making it one of the main reasons it is easier to digest.  The fat globules are about 2 micrometers versus 21 ½ micrometers in cow milk fat.  Research shows people with health issues such as constipation, bloat discomfort, asthma, and digestive discomfort from drinking cow’s milk are able to drink goat milk without any problems.

Slightly Lower in Lactose

Goats’ milk typically contains less lactose than cows’ milk which explains why lactose intolerant people can drink goats’ milk instead of cow’s milk. It has a significantly lower level of alpha-S1-casein, a highly inflammatory protein.  Goats’ milk has 89% less alpha-S1-casein protein than cow’s milk.  Research indicates this protein is one of the primary reasons people can’t tolerate cows’ milk.

The Benefits of MCT’s in Goat Milk

Goat milk contains 30-35% more MCT versus cow milk at 20-25%.  MCT’s are medium fatty acid chains that are quick in energy and not stored as fat.  MCT’s have therapeutic benefits for conditions including nutrient malabsorption, diabetes, weight management and more.

Goat milk is also rich in oligosaccharides which are important to our brain and nervous system development.  They help protect our intestinal flora against pathogens.  Conjugated linoleic acids are higher in goat milk than cow milk and are important for disease prevention, growth promotion and immune stimulation.  Among the high amount of vitamins in goat milk, vitamin A plays a major role.  The World Health Organization estimates 250,000 to 500,000 vitamin A-deficient children become blind every year.  Half of these children die within their first year of losing their sight which is another reason why we should be drinking more goat milk.

Goat milk is good for everyone!