Goat Milking Area and Cleanliness

Milking A Goat

Goat Milking Area and Cleanliness Goat milk is sterile, and we can easily contaminate it coming out of the udder.  Make sure your hands, yourself, and the udders are clean before you begin.  Keep the udder trimmed.  Udder, back legs, hooves trimmed to keep things from coming into the milking area.  However, it is best […]

Milk Goat Health and Wellness

Milking Goats

Milk Goat Health and Wellness Nutrition health and wellness is a life long commitment when raising milk goats. As your goats grow, keeping them healthy is crucial. Finding a vet that has goat experience or a local dairy farmer who knows more than you do. In the A-Z milk goats course, we will be going […]

On Your Homestead, Goats vs Cows: Production

Milking Goats

On Your Homestead, Goats vs Cows: Production This article explains the production on your homestead, goats vs cows. If you read our last article On Your Homestead, Goats vs Cows: Cost, thank you, and welcome to part two. Deciding whether you want to produce milk, grow your own meat, learn which personalities fit best on […]

Why Homesteading with Goats is the Best

Baby Goats

Homesteading is a lifestyle providing self-sufficiency that produces. However, everyone has their own definition of what it means to them. Being a homesteader in this modern-day, there are many possibilities. But it all comes down to what meets your needs and guidelines in your state. Take a look at why goats are the best on […]

When I Learned The Value of Goat Milk

Milking Goats

When I Learned the Value of Goat Milk When I first learned about the value of goat milk, I was enthralled with the health benefits and began a plan to drink goat milk and try to learn everything I needed to know about milking a goat.  My plan was to hand milk which is what […]

Goat Milk “The Superfood”

Goat Milk Superfood

GOT MILK?   Goat Milk – The “Superfood” Goat milk has nutritional value and health benefits for everyone. The Value of Goat Milk Nutrition: How is goat milk, the “superfood”, different from cow’s milk? Goat milk has become known as a superfood because it is naturally homogenized and and is a source of so many […]