How To Handle A Baby Goat When They Won’t Take A Bottle

How To Handle A Baby Goat When They Won't Take A Bottle

How To Handle A Baby Goat When They Won’t Take A Bottle

How to handle a baby goat when they won’t take a bottle can be a scary thing for new owners.  Be mindful this whole tutorial is in our How To Raise A Baby Goat Course and is 50% off with our G.O.A.T. membership.  If you are new to goats and struggling with this issue, it’s likely you could use some mentorship.  With our goat club membership, you can look over my shoulder daily as I raise goats throughout the year. Usually, I find 6 months to a year down the road when people are members…which to be a member that long has saved them less than a vet visit to their farm just once.  Invest in your education.  Become a better goat owner.  Learn from people who know what they are doing.  You have access to things like live Q & A’s etc.

 Your Baby Goat Won’t Die

Sometimes getting baby goats to start on the bottle can be traumatic and may take a couple days.  This can be stressing because you think they are starving. In this video you will see the goat struggle.  We open the mouth, dip in the nipple, and let it flow.  These nipples are designed to allow the milk to flow in her mouth.  You will see milk flowing down the sides of mouth.The baby goat will start to just mouth the nipple but not sucking on it.  Just keep baby goat online.  Make sure not to drown her.  Keep the nipple in the center.  Give a break.  Remember a baby doing this, is still drinking.  Open with one hand and control the head with other hand.  She will start swallowing but we want to keep doing this so we can get her to take a bottle on her own.When you see the baby goat a little overwhelmed, give a little break and try again.  You must be willing to be patient and not create a negative experience.  Sometimes you need to take a little longer break.  Don’t panic.[video_embed url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9A_5Fn3gvM”]

How To Handle A Baby Goat When They Won’t Take A Bottle: Patience Wins The Day

Many people call me frantic and worried their baby goat is going to die.  Your baby goat won’t die.  Hunger does a lot to help.  Let the baby goat get hungry.  This process takes days.  Your baby goat will eventually figure out to latch on and suck.  Once the baby goat figures out that first sucking, progress is being made.  Watch the end of the video after a few days of not getting her to suck on the nipple.So please remember if you have a little baby not taking the bottle, patience will win the day.  You are pouring milk down the back of their throat.  They are getting food.  Just be patient and make it a positive experience.For more information on raising baby goats, we encourage you to take our How To Raise A Baby Goat Course and join our GOAT Club membership.