How to Easily Introduce New Babies to Your Pack Goat String

How to Easily Introduce New Babies to Your Pack Goat String

How to Easily Introduce New Babies to Your Pack Goat String

In this video, I am going to show you how I introduce babies in with the adult string.

I have a baby area next to my adult area and have a little pass-through area set up.  It is big enough that a 2 yr old can barely get through and I can block it off to where only a baby can get through.I don’t want the babies around the adults until they are about 4 months old.  Until you see them start scrambling and being like little rockets in the baby area, then they are ready to get away from the big ones.  Because the big ones will throw them in the air, squish them to the ground and do lots of things.  They will probably be ok if you put them out there with adults but probably is a big word with your goat.

How to Easily Introduce New Babies to Your Pack Goat String: The Pass-Through Area

With the pass-through area the babies learn how to get back and forth.  It is important to put a second layer of fencing in between baby area and adult area.  So, at 4 months old, babies are mingling through the fence with the adults.  You don’t want the babies sticking their head through and having the big ones bash them.  The extra layer of fencing keeps the babies safe.  But at least everyone gets to know each other.  They will kind of battle against the fence, but they get to know each other, and it won’t be a surprise when they mingle. They learn who is aggressive and who to avoid.

The Pass Through Area Protects Your Babies

So, at 4 months I’m ready to intermingle them.  But before 4 months the pass-through area is blocked off then the baby area is safe.  Not even a 1 yr. old or 2 yr. old can get through. This way the babies are protected in their own area. That is where they get their food etc. If you’re bottle feeding, then that is the area where it happens.  The babies bedding is in there.Once babies are ready to be introduced, I set up the pass-through area where only babies can pass through.  I teach them to go through with treats, so they learn how to go back and forth.  So, this way babies will always be safe while eating and have access to clean bedding.

When Introducing Baby Goats to Your Herd

Don’t have any dead ends.  Don’t have any places where somebody can push a baby into a corner and bash them.  Don’t put babies out with adults until babies are rocket fast.  They can outrun the big ones.  With baby goats they can buddy up with another baby goat.Remember we have a How To Raise A Baby Goat Course that goes into everything from setup, feeding, raising and training.  You get lifetime access of content and videos to help you in your journey of raising baby goats.  You can get 50% off this course with our G.O.A.T. Club Membership.  We strongly suggest taking advantage of all the savings and perks you receive as a member.