loading goats into your truck/trailer

Loading Goats

Loading Goats for Transport

There is more to loading goats than it seems.  Pack goats have a pecking order and goats need to be loaded with that order in consideration.  Always put the most submissive in first and the most aggressive last.  Also, if you have a goat that has trouble loading use the one leg up model. I show it in this video and they will learn…be patient.  As far as catching goats, if you use them a lot, not everyone is going to be all crazy excited about hitting the rig and the trail.

In this video, you will learn some tips and tricks to make all that easier.  Lastly, goats that load easily is also a function of the carrier you use… If they get exposed by an open-air carrier all the way to the trail, prepare for them to show up worn out and beat up.  Goats like to be comfy on the road and your carrier design is important to keep them comfy.  Here is a link to a video of my design that I’ve been using for a year now and works super well.

For more information on the best practices for hauling goats and what to consider when doing so: Transporting Goats; Space, Ventilation, and Suspension. 

Interested in buying one? Order a custom built goat hauler .

you can find the best truck hauler made here: Goat Truck Hauler. 

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