How To Transport A Baby Goat

Transporting Goats

How To Transport A Baby Goat There are a few good ways to transport your baby goat: a truck goat hauler, kennel, or a livestock trailer. Each has its pros and cons; however, here are the four essential things to consider when transporting your baby goat. Distance in Transporting Goats Distance is a factor you […]

Transporting Goats: Space, Optimal Ventilation, and Suspension

Transporting Goats

Transporting Goats Transporting goats is a bit of a science. Of course anyone can pack car full of gear and haul a trailer full of goats, but it’s important to take these considerations to mind to transport safely and efficiently. In this video Marc Warnke, “The Goat Guy,” goes over the essentials of transporting goats. […]

Goat Hauler

goat hauler

Goat Hauler Hauling pack goats in your truck requires a well thought out goat hauler.  It needs to have good ventilation but not be blasting wind on them when you are driving down the freeway.  In this video, you will see two different designs, one you could likely build yourself and another that I can […]

loading goats into your truck/trailer

Loading Goats

Loading Goats for Transport There is more to loading goats than it seems.  Pack goats have a pecking order and goats need to be loaded with that order in consideration.  Always put the most submissive in first and the most aggressive last.  Also, if you have a goat that has trouble loading use the one […]