North American Packgoat Association

Who is North American Packgoat Association

The North American Packgoat Association (NAPgA) is the national organization representing goat packers and goat packing. Began in 1999, The North American Packgoat Association (NAPgA) promotes packing with goats with the purpose to keep public land open to goat packing.

NAPgA Mission

NAPgA’s mission is to promote the use and joy of pack goats. Improve, mentor, and teach others the practice of goat packing. To share the scientific study of goats, their care, welfare, and training. Also, show others that goat packing can be an eco-friendly pack stock option. Start traditions for the future of goat packing and pack goats. Most importantly stop public land closures and keep them open.At Packgoats.com we encourage all goat owners to join the goat movement and become a member to support goat packing and hiking on public lands. Click below to follow them on Facebook and stay up to date.

WHY We Need YOU To Join and Become a Member

Please consider joining and becoming a member. By joining you are supporting the national organization which represents you. More memberships also mean more voices and better representation before the government. Get exclusive access and additional benefits. For example, newsletter up-to-date info and the members-only section of the website. Also perks specific to each membership level and reduced membership fees for the American Goat Federation.

Membership fees fund:

  • Urinary Calculi Research Study
  • Pack goat events: Rendezvous the event is held in different locations each year and filled with classes, hikes, and networking opportunities.
  • Fund ongoing legal battles to keep public land open
  • Keep public lands open to pack goats
  • Your donations are tax-deductible.
Urinary Calculi Research Study
NAPgA recently started a urinary calculi research study. Unfortunately, this condition is killing our wethers. Urinary calculi have been studied, but believe the causes are different. We hope to learn more about the types of stones, why they form, and hopefully how to prevent them. Want more information on the research, find out more here: NAPgA Embarks on Urinary Calculi Study