3 Things New Goats Owners Must Know

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3 Things New Goat Owners Must Know

So you are thinking about getting goats for your homestead, farm, or backyard? In this article, we share the 3 things new goat owners must know. But before we share these three things we would like to welcome you to our blog. Take a look around and check out all the tools and resources to help you be a successful goat owner.If you haven’t yet, please subscribe to our newsletter! Throughout the year, subscribers will have access to exclusive email offers, sales, and releases. Be the first to know about new developments and take advantage of coupon codes. If you aren’t on the list already, subscribe below!

What Do Goats Eat

The first thing new goat owners must know is what do goats eat. It may sound simple, grass in the backyard. But, unfortunately, goats need a specific diet to be healthy. What do they eat, you ask? Well, it all depends on what kind of goat you are raising. Do you have babies, bucks, does, are they pregnant or nonpregnant, wethers, or adults? Don’t feel overwhelmed. Here at packgoats.com, we have a Free complete nutrition guide to help you learn what to feed your goats. Click on the link below.

Biggest Threats to Goats

The second thing new goat owners must know is what are the biggest threats to goats. Not just the most dangerous to them but sicknesses and diseases. Also how to care for them by building a shelter, fence, and keeping them safe and healthy. We have lots of resources, on our Youtube Channel and on our Blog. Check out a program on the tab Goat Courses that will fit your needs. To learn the system for new goat owners we recommend the how to raise a baby goat course, from birth through its first year. From preparing your field, bottle feeding, and vaccinations you will have the step-by-step guide to successful goat ownership.

Goat Maintenance

The third thing new goat owners must know is the maintenance for goats. Seems simple but there is a system to raise happy healthy goats. Knowing when to trim their hooves and how, when to vaccinate, and how to interact with them. You will need to learn to do things yourself without a vet and it will save you money doing so. Plus the many ways to simplify chores and even train them from naughty habits. Again, we have all the tools and resources on the blog to help.

Thanks For Reading

Thanks for reading and learning 3 things new goat owners must know. We hope that our tools and resources give you the confidence and courage you need to jump in and be the best goat steward you can be. Have you read about the goat club membership? It’s a membership where you will receive discounts on all tools and resources, and get in-depth learning and how-to videos with Marc. Join the goat movement and become a member today. No obligation, come check it out and meet goat owners all over the world.