Pack Goat Back Country Gear List

Pack Goat Gear List

Pack Goat Gear List

My goal of this is to provide a simple printable pack goat gear list you can hang in your garage to help you pack. Keep this list handy to look over and plan a well thought out pack goat back country gear list.  I like having one that I can physically and mentally go over after all the packing is done to quickly verify that I have not forgotten any essentials. There’s nothing worse than driving hours away or hiking days into the back country only to realize you’ve forgotten something important. In the worst case scenario, it can be dangerous.  So here it is, I’m sure I forgot a few things and feel free to add to this list! Here’s a helpful link to a printable version of this list: PackGoats Gear List pdf  For simplicity, the list is also copied below the article for reference as well.

Goat Gear

Let’s first speak to “Goat Gear”.  The Orange Screw is awesome for staking out goats individually.  The ground quality does matter and varies their effectiveness, however, they really work nicely in many situations.  Also, please make sure all your goats have a good collar with name and number identification on them…God forbid you ever loose a goat, but if you do, whoever finds them will call you first. A quality goat lead is a must, I keep mine wrapped around the saddle tree to easily tether goats anywhere, anytime. And lastly you are going to want a goat coat shell for your goat if the weather goes south. This goat coat not only is a rain shell but also doubles as a pannier cover that functions very nicely.  We will have a goat first aid kit in the near future. We are in the process of putting that together.

Now, I will also be doing a video on this list and breaking down that in detail about the gear I use and why.  Look for that in the future and make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel that will help you with all of your pack goat needs.  Packgoats.com YouTube


Goat Gear

Orange Screws
Collar (with name identification)
Goat Shell
First Aid Kit
Brush Bells

Human Gear

Day Pack
Back Pack
Sleeping Bag
Bed Pad/Cot
Trekking Poles
Tarps for Goats and Humans
Bear Spray/Pistol
In-reach Satellite Communication
Pooper Shovel
Fire Starter (lighters…multiple)


Moisture wicking base layers
Quick dry pants/shorts
Long Sleeve Shirt (bugs and sun)
Puffy Coat
Fleece Mid layer (vest)
Crocks (camp shoes and river crossers)
Wool or Synthetic Socks
Gloves and Beanie
Sun hat of some kind
Rain Gear

Personal Gear

Toilet paper/Wipes
Feminine Hygiene Products
Sun Glasses/Glasses
2 itineraries (car seat and left with friend)
Keys/Cell Phone
Insect Repellent
First Aid Kit
Survival Kit
Multi Tool
Duct Tape
Tenacious Tape
Sewing Kit
550 Cord
Mosquito Repellent


Water Bottles/Bladders
Filter or Purifyier
Meals Trail food/snacks/Bars
Extra days food
Water flavoring
Stove/Fuel Cook set Sporks
Knife/Cuttting Board
Mug/Cup for Hot fluids
Paper Towel Roll
Camp Soap
Small quick Dry Towel
Collapsible Water Container/Collapsible camp sink
Collapsible Table