So You Want to Buy a Baby Goat – Four Things to Consider

buy a baby goat

Having a goat around is a ton of fun, especially during the baby stage. What’s not to like? They are an adorable fluffy ball, they’re tail-waggin’ machines, and they have the funniest personalities (sometimes). Here are four things to consider before you buy a baby goat:


Purpose to Buy a Baby Goat.

Why are you buying a baby goat? Are you getting a goat specifically for milking? As a pet? Maybe a packer or worker? Or maybe for meat? Or maybe you want to get into showing goats at your local fair? No matter what your reason for getting a goat is, you should get a goat breed that best suits your needs.


Once you’ve established the kind of breed you’re looking for, you need to make sure they are a healthy goat with good conformation for their purpose. Some of the major things to look for when picking a goat are shiny coats, clean teeth, wagging tails, flat back, no obvious deformities, no watery eyes and no gimp in their step.

Living area.

Be aware that a lot of common landscaping plants are very poisonous to goats. Be sure to assess your area for plants potentially hazardous to goats. Here are some to name a few: boxwood, rhododendrons, laurels, daffodils, milkweed and ferns. For more detailed information on plants that are toxic to goats check out this article.


Before you buy a baby goat, remember – goats need some tender loving care – and lots of it. Goats love love! They sometimes even demand it. You have to keep their love tank full. Keep their areas clean, bellies fed, water trough full and they will be hunky dory for the most part, so far as nothing is wrong with their health. 

For more information on raising these little critters, you can check out our How to Raise a Baby Goat Course. It’s filled with written and visual lessons that teach you everything you need to know to raise a healthy baby goat through its first year of life. It’s also revised by many respected authorities in several aspects of the goat raising community.