Why Goats Make The Best Stock Animal

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Why Goats Make The Best Stock Animal

Have you ever been hiking or hunting and it feels like a highway of people everywhere? Imagine getting up to higher elevations and away from others to have space just for you. Sure horses, mules, and llamas can get you there but only if the trail is clear. With goats, they can take you through all the downfalls and up ridged rocks. Besides looking extremely cool. At packgoats.com we know why goats make the best stock animals. If you want to access the most beautiful remote backcountry wilderness you will need goats. We have the resources and tools to help you get there. We hope these episodes give you the excitement and wonder to own goats.

Marc Warnke’s passion and desire for goats have inspired the goat community. He has brought joy and happiness with videos, education, and entertainment. His love and kindness towards goats are the many reasons so many have purchased baby goats, courses, and gear. Join the goat movement on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and our website Packgoats.com.¬†

Are Goats The Best Pack Animal?

Are goats the best pack animal, we think so. Goats are magical critters. They coexist with us and they want to follow and be where we are. With the right love and training, they will lead with no leash. They’re nimble and can overcome obstacles that would make other stock animals turn back. This episode speaks on seeing what people don’t see and goats get you there. Come be part of the goat movement.

Goats Make the Best Companions 

Goats make the best companions, their connection with you is crucial when it comes to interaction. Interacting creates that bond of loyalty and love, especially when doing chores. It’s small training every day, so when in the backcountry miles in, your stock animals will stay close and not run back to the truck and trailer. In this episode, you will see the importance of bonding and how teaching them manners are the results you want on the trails.

Goats Can Go Where No Other Stock Animal Can Go

Goats can go where no other stock animal can go. In some states or countries, the only way to access the beautiful backcountry is by hiking. There are amazing places to see and lessons to learn in the process. When there are deadfalls and rocks to climb, these nimble herd-based stock animals will get you there. Goats were made for mountains and to live the backcountry life. Their natural instincts navigate all-terrain all the while finding joy hiking with you.

Start Your Own Adventures With Pack Goats

It’s not the stock animal who can carry the most. The best way to see the backcountry is with goats. They can go anywhere, under, over, and through anything. With their nimbleness and drive to keep up with their human, goats make the best stock animal above all. Hope you enjoyed these three episodes of pack goats to who they are and where they can go. Most importantly goats are loyal, make the best trail companions, and in our opinion make the best stock animal. Want to learn more, please check out packgoats.com. If you are ready to get started with your own pack string get the Pack Goat 101 Course and you will be on your way.Did you know by becoming a Goat Club Member one of the perks to our membership is getting your courses at 50% off! If you are here to learn from Marc, come and discover the benefits that will be valuable and helpful to everything owning goats.

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