New to Goats? Birthing and Milking

Goat Birthing

New to Goats? Birthing and Milking

Are you new to goats on your homestead or ranch? Want to learn to birth your own healthy goats? Did you decide to get a goat and found out she was pregnant? When birthing goats milking them follows. That’s a lot of learning and researching if you have never experienced it. There will be so many questions and it can be overwhelming.

At Packgoats.com, we are committed to helping you learn and have a successful kidding season. We are so excited to offer you this Goat Birthing Course and our A-Z Milking Goats Course in a bundle package!

Goat Birthing Course and A-Z Milking Goats Course

Goat Birthing Course and A-Z Goat Milking Course Combo go hand in hand together.  These courses are loaded with hours of valuable video content to birth your goat and milk her too!  Learn with ease after taking these courses.

Goat Birthing Course consists of hours of video and picture content over the last couple of years!  That’s right….this has been a 2-year project.  From delivering single kids to triplets, we have video coverage of it all.

  • Breeding
  • Preparations 30-45 days before delivery
  • Kidding Supplies
  • Stages of Labor
  • Kidding Positions and Live Births!
  • Post Birth Care
  • Bonus Footage


A-Z Milk Goats Course you will learn:

  • Overview of the Process and Cycle
  • Best Breeds for Milking
  • Milking Schedule and Drying Up
  • Benefits and Value of Goat Milk
  • Testing your Goat Milk and Things to Know
  • Milking Area Cleanliness
  • Building and Maintaining a Milking area
  • Different Milking Methods
  • The Simple Pulse Machine and Clean Up
  • Nutrition, Health, and Wellness of a Doe in Milk
  • Goat Milk Recipes
  • Selling Goat Milk and What You Need to Know

Nutrition Guide For Pregnant Goats

Proper nutrition for your pregnant goat is the key to your success for a healthy mama and baby. Comprehensive Goat Nutrition Guide is an accumulation of science-based data on goat nutrition.  Christie Patterson at packgoats.com has been researching for us and compiling all the data.  This comprehensive goat nutrition guide is FREE for you to download.  It is the up-to-date most current research she has found and we will continue to do even more research.  Please feel free to download and share with others in the goat community.

Did You Know? 

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