Invest in a Goat Saddle Like a Good Pair of Shoes

Invest in a Goat Saddle Like a Good Pair of Shoes

When it comes to trails and packing with goats, invest in a goat saddle like a good pair of shoes. Have you ever hiked or hunted miles upon miles in boots that were a size too small? If you are asking your goats to carry loads with the saddle that doesn’t fit them, it’s the same thing. You’ll notice they won’t perform. So if you want your goats to do mileage, be comfortable, and perform, you have to get them a pair of shoes that fit, that is well made, and that’s a saddle.  At Packgoats.com we have four saddles to help you properly gear up for hitting the trails. Check out this video to see how investing in the right saddle can help you.

Pack Goat Saddle Marc Warnke Signature Series 

This Pack Goat Saddle allows custom fitting for each goat’s back. The easy adjustment system is compatible with all panniers but works best with the “Best Pack Goat Panniers-Marc Warnke Signature Series“.

  • Weighing just under 7 pounds this saddle is built to last.
  • The durability of this design allows for years of use. Also, innovative “horn” attachment points for the pannier loops allow for a much lower profile on your goat. This allows them to go under obstacles much easier than traditional cross-buck designs.
  • Additionally, the front cinch design is the first that allows proper positioning on your pack goat’s sternum. Ultimately, this design makes perfect alignment a breeze.  If you want to see these pack goat saddles in action watch Why Goats are the Ultimate Pack Animal.

Saddle Demonstration 

Not All Goat Bodies are the Same

Classic Pack Goat Saddle

The classic pack goat saddle design is one of the original saddle concepts for goats. This classic design has received a facelift with modern updates. These modern features will help this affordable design be comfortable for pack goats.

Aspects that set this saddle apart from the other sub $200 pack goat saddles are:

  • Bombproof construction updating the classic original saddle design.
  • Heavy-duty cinch to prevent slipping and loosening saddles.
  • Perfectly designed britchen ensures goat comfort and eliminates saddle sores.

This saddle is compatible with the “Stay Put Pads“.  The Stay Put Pads do not come with the saddle.  They have to be purchased separately.  It is the best design available in this price category.   A critical design to look for in pack goat saddles is a high-functioning brichen. Original designed cross bucks will want to ride up on goats’ shoulders. This ‘riding up’ can cause detrimental saddle sores on goats. Without a great britchen goats will be miserable.

The second line of defense keeping a goat from getting saddle sore will be a nice thick pad. Additionally, a heavy-duty cinch with the proper alignment is key. This saddle is made to work with all goat panniers but we recommend the Signature Series Best Pack Goat Panniers with this saddle.  Don’t settle for “just ok”. Get the best classic saddle design out there! It is the best middle market value design available. Co-developed with Bantam Saddle Tack.

Pack Goat Adult Soft Saddle 

It’s the most economic full saddle and pannier combination on the market. This is the ideal saddle for the day packer looking to carry up to about 35 lbs per goat. The soft design allows the perfect molded fit to any goat and eliminates sores. This saddle is not intended for hardcore, high mileage, or heavyweight trips.

Ideal Uses for the Adult Soft Saddle

  • Day packing
  • Picnicking
  • Bird hunting
  • Low distance overnight packing
  • 4-H Showing
  • Training
  • Approximate 35 lb load limit packing
  • Any goat not quite large enough for a standard cross-buck saddle
  • Total weight: 5.4 lbs: saddle and panniers

*This saddle is not compatible with other panniers and is sold as a complete set.

Pack Goat Training Saddle

The Pack Goat Training Soft Saddle is a blast for you and your packer in training. It’s important to remember this is not a promotion of having your young goats packing weight too early.  Keep everything light on them until they are ready for a full-blown saddle. These packs are awesome for a young 4H trainer.  Their young pack goats will love the comfort and fit.  Also if you are wanting a 4H saddle to compete with this one will be fast and easy and help you win your competition.  Here is a good article on that.  If you have Nigerian these packs will work great for that as well. They come with a grey saddle and the color choices are olive or blaze orange.
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Invest in a goat saddle like a good pair of shoes, your goats will be comfortable and will perform. Don’t forget that by joining the Goat Club you can save money, in fact, 10% off all your gear and courses. Also, don’t forget to order a Pannier Scale! It’s an essential piece of equipment every goat packer must-have for balancing panniers. Especially for the smaller training saddles, the smaller the goat, the more crucial pannier balancing is.

Marc Warnke’s passion and desire for goats have inspired the goat community. He has brought joy and happiness with videos, education, and entertainment. His love and kindness towards goats are the many reasons so many have purchased baby goats, courses, and gear. Join the goat movement on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and our website Packgoats.com.