3 Ways to Know if Your Goat is Pregnant

Signs Of Labor With Your Pregnant Doe

3 Ways to Know if Your Goat is Pregnant

There are a few ways to verify whether or not your goat is pregnant. Waiting to find out is the hard part. At Packgoats.com we are committed to helping you learn and prepare for owning goats on your homestead. Here are 3 ways to know if your goat is pregnant. Are you new to goat husbandry? Be prepared and ready from breeding to post-delivery care with the Goat Birthing Course.Please subscribe to our newsletter! Throughout the year, subscribers will have access to exclusive email offers, sales, and releases. Be the first to know about new developments and take advantage of coupon codes. If you aren’t on the list already, subscribe below!

Heat Cycle

One way to know if your goat is pregnant is by its heat cycle, also known as the Estrus cycle. If it was a success, 24-48 hours after they go out of heat they will have a white discharge. If not 21 days later they will come back into heat.

Signs they are in their heat cycle. If your goat is bred you will not see these signs.

  • Restless
  • Seek out the buck
  • Wag their tails
  • Vocalize with bleating as if they are in pain
  • Swollen Vulvas with clear mucous discharge that turns cloudy at the end of the cycle.


Another way to know if your goat is pregnant is by ultrasound. However, these can be expensive, but they are a sure way to find out. Ultrasound is common for those wanting to know genders and if there are a number of fetuses. There are specific time frames you can be either too early or too late. Find a local livestock vet or farmer who may have a portable ultrasound machine.

Blood Test to Know if Your goat is Pregnant

A third way to know if your goat is pregnant is with a blood test. It is important to know a doe can be tested for pregnancy at 30 days or later post breeding or buck removal. Check out this article if you want to save money and Learn How to Draw Blood from a Goat yourself. We use Sage Ag Labs in Idaho, they were helpful, quick, and smooth with results.

Negative Pregnancy Test

If your pregnancy test was negative you have come to the right place. At Packgoats.com we have resources to help you learn all things goats. That includes a Goat Birthing Course that covers everything from breeding to post-delivery care.

More Resources to Know if Your Goat is Pregnant

Want to learn more to know if your goat is pregnant? We have resources to help. A Goat Birthing Course consisting of hours of video and picture content over the last couple of years!  That’s right….this has been a 2-year project.  From delivering single kids to triplets, we have video coverage of it all.

  • Breeding
  • Preparations 30-45 days before delivery
  • Kidding Supplies
  • Stages of Labor
  • Kidding Positions and Live Births!
  • Post Birth Care
  • Bonus Footage

Did You Know

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