Learn How to Draw Blood from a Goat

Learn How to Draw Blood from a Goat

Are you dreading the vet bill for blood draws? It is that time of year to test your goats for common diseases and to see if your does are pregnant. When it comes to blood draws it can be overwhelming and scary. However, don’t feel intimated or scared instead check out this article and learn how to draw blood from a goat yourself and save money.

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Biosecurity Panel and Pregnancy Testing

The biosecurity panel includes tests for CAE, CL, Johne’s, and Q Fever. Testing for does and kids infected with Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis (CAE), Caseous Lymphadenitis (CL), Johne’s, and Q Fever is an important investment in the health and performance of your herd.

Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis Virus (CAE) is a viral disease commonly spread from a doe to her kid through the colostrum or milk. Click here for more detailed information on CAE.

Caseous Lymphadenitis (CL) is a bacterial infection that causes skin or internal abscesses. It can be transmitted from the doe to the kid through the mammary glands. For more detailed information on CL click here.

Johnes Disease is a chronic wasting disease caused by bacteria. An infected doe can spread it through milk or colostrum to her kid, but it is primarily spread through fecal contamination. Click here to learn more about Johnes.

Pregnancy testing is accurately detected 30 days after insemination.Supplies Needed to Draw Blood from a GoatWhen venturing into learning new things, it is fear that holds us back. Instead, by having the right tools and resources you can accomplish this goal. Here is a list of supplies needed to draw blood from a goat that will help you succeed.

  • Stanchion: to have a treat and stay secure while drawing blood.
  • 2 helpers: hold the goat’s head and hold the backend of the goat.
  • Blood Collection Kit from Sage Ag Labs
    • Purchase the quantity needed with 18G by 1inch needles, 3ML glass red topped tubes, and a needle holder.
    • Mailing supplies of ice packs and insulated mailers.

Helpful Tips 

A few helpful tips to help make your experience simple.

  • Shaving the neck: the first goat we shaved was easy but we had 23 goats and that was a lot of work. We chose not to shave their necks after that.
  • Make sure you write the goat’s name, date of blood drawn, and tube number on the tube prior to the blood draw to make filling out the form quick and easy.
  •  Pre-plunge the syringe before drawing blood to avoid air suction.
  • NEVER use the same needle. Results will be affected and can spread disease if any.
  • To reduce inaccurate results: test tubes can not be expired. Wait at least 6 weeks after any major stress to test. For example, injuries, vaccinations, major herd changes, extreme weather, and castration.

How to Draw Blood

At Packgoats.com we hope this video helps you build the confidence you need to learn how to draw blood from a goat.

Where to Send Blood Draw Samples

When it comes to finding a laboratory to send your blood draw samples. It is a preference only you can make. There are many labs to choose from, depending on your location and if there are in-state and out-of-state fees. We chose Sage Ag Labs. They were helpful with our concerns and questions. Everything was smooth from purchasing to results. Here is their information if it works for you Sage Ag Labs.All labs have their own guidelines and testing schedule but they all have a process that is about the same.

  • Label your test tubes correctly to match your form
  • Keep tubes refrigerated till shipping or delivering
  • Samples should be rubbered banded together in 2-10 per bundle and wrapped with paper towels to absorb any leaking or breakage.
  • Place samples in a zip lock bag inside the insulated mailer
  • For Biosecurity testings, ice packs must be included in the zip lock
  • Enclose a completed submission form of all testings requested with a check. Or if you prefer an online prepay.

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