Pack Goat Saddle Review

pack goat saddle review

Pack Goat Saddle Review

I want to take a minute and tell you my experience packing in with our goats and give you my thoughts on a pack goat saddle review.  This last weekend I took the plunge and took my boys camping with the goats and NO Marc! Marc visited his Dr. the day before we were to leave. The Dr. basically suggested he not hike into the back country 8 days after surgery, which left me wondering should I go or not?

Going Alone

You might wonder why I would even hesitate going solo. In 5 years of pack goat ownership we have developed tasks that each of us do. Namely, I do all the food prep/cooking, he does all the driving and everything with the goats. So, the thought of getting the trailer stuck somewhere and putting all the gear on the pack goats made me a little nervous. For me, saddle was always the hardest part. Is it tight enough? Is it in the right spot? The boys and I always relied on Marc the give us the final OK to make sure they fit right and we were good to go. Well, all that changed this weekend.

So, I put my big girl pants on and drove 3 hours to Tucker’s (my 10 yr old’s) favorite camp area. Jaken, my 14 yr old, was there to help with the saddles and panniers as well. What I had forgotten, since this was our first trip of the season, was all the goats had fancy new pack goat saddles (Here is a link)! So you know, we have tried every type of pack goat saddle out there. All of them were uncomfortable for the goat or not easy for a novice to put on or fit properly.

The Best Pack Goat Saddle Yet

These new saddles are the Rolls Royce of saddles. They are super easy to put on and they fit the goats like a glove. Marc fit the cross buck to each goat before we left, making the whole process even easier. They were easy to get straps snug enough on the goats’ belly, even with our big boy Chester. Also, the yoke is an added comfort for the goat too. We got zero chafe on the shoulders of even our heaviest loaded packers. It took a fraction of the time to put each saddle on and how well they work with the new panniers is amazing.

When we took the saddles off after the hike they were easy to dismantle. After, there were no rub marks left on the goats which was very unusual from past experience. I am super impressed with the new pack goat saddle! If you are like me in feeling frustrated with your pack goat saddle fit, you need to try these new ones out!

By, Sue Warnke