Invest in a Goat Saddle Like a Good Pair of Shoes

Invest in a Goat Saddle Like a Good Pair of Shoes When it comes to trails and packing with goats, invest in a goat saddle like a good pair of shoes. Have you ever hiked or hunted miles upon miles in boots that were a size too small? If you are asking your goats to […]

Picking a Pack Goat Saddle

Picking a Pack Goat Saddle

How to Pick a Pack Goat Saddle Picking a pack goat saddle can feel overwhelming. Especially when you’re new to goat packing. There’s several manufacturers, each with multiple models, not to mention their pricing! This blog and video aim to help you in the decision making process. Marc Warnke breaks down the different styles of […]

How To Train a Goat With a Squirt Bottle

How to train a goat with a squirt bottle

The #1 rule to training a goat is to never, ever physically discipline a goat by pushing them, striking them or hitting them. They think of you as one of them, so if you use aggressive behaviors toward them, they will respond to you in the same manner. We do not want that, so we […]

Affordable Pack Goat Saddle and Panniers for 4H and Nigerians

Banding Pack Goats

Pack Goat Saddle for 4H I am asked on a consistent basis if there is a pack goat saddle for 4H competitions at the local fairs.  I’m also asked if there is a pack that will work with smaller breeds. Goats like Nigerians or smaller does of the larger breeds.  The answer is YES to […]

Pack Goat Saddle Review

pack goat saddle review

Pack Goat Saddle Review I want to take a minute and tell you my experience packing in with our goats and give you my thoughts on a pack goat saddle review.  This last weekend I took the plunge and took my boys camping with the goats and NO Marc! Marc visited his Dr. the day […]

Marc Warnke Kid Trainer Frameless Soft saddle

Goat Trainer Soft Saddle

Goat Trainer Soft Saddle Pack goat yearlings are ready to start training with a goat trainer soft saddle loaded with mostly bulk.  Please do not use dog packs. Many people do but it’s harmful for goats. It holds the weight too high on their shoulders and loads the spine.  These kid packs have detachable panniers […]

Goat Hauler

goat hauler

Goat Hauler Hauling pack goats in your truck requires a well thought out goat hauler.  It needs to have good ventilation but not be blasting wind on them when you are driving down the freeway.  In this video, you will see two different designs, one you could likely build yourself and another that I can […]