Are You Feeding Your Goats Dangerous Treats

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Are You Feeding Your Goats Dangerous Treats?

When it comes to your goats health, are you feeding them dangerous treats? We all know what picky eaters they are. But getting the wrong treat could be fatal. Did you know goats have 4 stomach chambers? Here is a great article to learn of goats digestive system. Knowing how dangerous it is to get the wrong treat or the decorative plants in the yard, check out our tips and resources to grow a happy healthy goat.

Treats Goats Really Love

Nothinggoat in heat feels better than giving treats goats really love. Even though they are picky, some love them and some will not even taste the treats. You just got to let your goats try them. First, know that your Love is the best treat. Offering them a treat every time you open the gate or go to the fence, they will start jumping and not appreciating your love. So don’t put yourself in harms way. Also, when you are sitting and trying to enjoy your own treat, you don’t want to make a habit of every time a package crinkles, you’re getting jumped by your goats. But just in case you get too carried away with treats and manners need adjusted, this squirt bottle is the best tool. Here is a list of treats your goats are going to love!

  • Crunchy leaves, NOT fruit tree leaves.
  • Fruit like watermelon, strawberries, grapes, bananas, and pears.
  • Vegetables like carrots, lettuce, celery, squash, and pumpkins. Also cut up so no choking.
  • Small tree limbs, bark included, and shrubs.
  • Pine Trees, also a natural de-wormer. Great treat from neighbors trimmings trees. Be mindful of Christmas trees, treated with chemicals at farms and could have ornament hangers or glitter on the limbs.

What NOT To Feed Goats

Even though goats will eat everything, these tips of what not to feed goats will remind you of the importance of goat health. Before bringing your goats to a new pasture check and verify that the plants, shrubs, and trees are safe to eat. Be alert along the trails to watch for toxic shrubbery and greenery. Do not feed your goats these items.

  • Domesticated decorative plants, shrubs, flowers, and trees.
  • NO pitted fruit, leaves, and bark included, (cyanide). For example, cherry, apricot, peach, plum, and avocado.
  • Never give goats grass clippings or moldy hay.

Click here for a list of toxic plants.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, feeding your goat is the most important thing you do right. Did you know in your goats first year, their growth is 70%. Critical factor is proper over all health. Treats are special but don’t forget minerals and grass hay along with those tasty treats. Check out how to raise a baby goat for more information and feel confident to raise healthy and happy goats.

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