Goat Course Bundles

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Goat Course Bundles Goat course bundles have been created to help you succeed in raising healthy happy goats. Goats are the most fascinating and incredible critters, at PackGoats.com our mission is to become a leading resource on all things for owning your goats. In addition, help you feel confident about the information and be successful […]

Last Minute Gifts For Goat Lovers

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Last Minute Gifts For Goat Lovers Still needing last minute gifts for your goat lovers. Check out Packgoats.com and give the gift of a pack goat trip in Idaho, new baby goats, a gift of information products, and courses to help make raising goats successful and enjoyable with less stress. Goats make wonderful additions to […]

Build Your Own Goat Feeder

build your own goat feeder

Build Your Own Goat Feeder Want your herd to be happy and healthy? Build your own goat feeder, and feel good knowing that they are safe and getting the nutrition they need. Read the benefits of having a good design on a goat feeder so when researching you will avoid the frustration of choosing which best […]

5 Goat Products You Can’t Survive Winter Without

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5 Goat Products You Can’t Survive Winter Without  Winter can be a stressful time, without the help of these 5 goat products you can’t survive. Having the guidance of great tips and resources found at packgoats.com will find your winter a success. Check out this article for more information on how goats thrive through winter. […]

5 Reasons You Need To Invest In A Goat Course

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5 Reasons You Need To Invest In A Goat Course There are many reasons you need to invest in a goat course, because goats are the neatest and cutest animals to ever own. The versatilities of making them an excellent choice such as pets, meat, milking, and for back country packing. The low maintenance, smart, […]

Are You Feeding Your Goats Dangerous Treats

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Are You Feeding Your Goats Dangerous Treats? When it comes to your goats health, are you feeding them dangerous treats? We all know what picky eaters they are. But getting the wrong treat could be fatal. Did you know goats have 4 stomach chambers? Here is a great article to learn of goats digestive system. […]

Bringing Your Baby Goats Home

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Bringing Your Baby Goats Home            You are bringing your baby goats home, Congratulations! Rather it’s for meat, milking, backyard pets, or packing for your next adventure. You have been researching and planning for weeks or even months. Getting the most accurate, trusted, and reliable information is key to your success. […]

Benefits Of Having A Good Design On A Goat Feeder

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Benefits Of Having A Good Design On A Goat Feeder Finding the benefits to a good goat feeder design is just a click away. Check out building plans for your herd. There are so many goat feeder designs all over the internet. Searching for a good design that will make you and your goat herd […]

Goat Feeder for Hobby Goat Owners

Goat Feeder

Goat Feeder for the Hobby Goat Owner When it comes to building a goat feeder, it can be hard to know where to start. There are hundreds of designs for ways to feed goats out there. Everything from re-purposed laundry baskets to nets to commercial pre-fabricated feeders. Safety: Feeders need to be free of potential […]

Horned Pack Goat Feeder

horned goat feeder

This horned goat feeder is the best design to date for feeding goats with horns. Feeding horned pack goats sounds simple, but it isn’t.  Why??? It’s not all just about simply feeding them.  There is “baggage” to goats that you will have to solve. Problem one. If you are trying to feed multiple goats, the […]