Marc Warnke Kid Trainer Frameless Soft saddle

Goat Trainer Soft Saddle

Goat Trainer Soft Saddle

Pack goat yearlings are ready to start training with a goat trainer soft saddle loaded with mostly bulk.  Please do not use dog packs. Many people do but it’s harmful for goats. It holds the weight too high on their shoulders and loads the spine.  These kid packs have detachable panniers which allows for you to weigh them individually.  That is very critical on small loads, as an off balance load is hard on any stock animal. What’s worse is if it starts to slip it may be your new kids first experience turned bad.  As well, these packs have a securing system that keeps the panniers from flapping if a little guy starts to run.  When the panniers flap it scares a new packer. Again you don’t want these early experiences to be bad.

These packs also work great for small goats and dwarf goat breeds like Nigerians! This is the only saddle available for miniature goats. They also work great for 4H pack goat showing. The ability to keep the panniers attached when saddling helps time.

We worked very hard to keep the expense on these as low as possible without losing quality.  We hope you love them.

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2 thoughts on “Marc Warnke Kid Trainer Frameless Soft saddle

  1. Mike Trainer says:

    I have a small herd of Dairy Goats Saanen &Alpine and Am exploring training a few pack goats, and would like to know prices for train saddle. Can’t find on website! Thanks Mike Trainer

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