Training Baby Pack Goats

Training Baby Pack Goats

Training Baby Pack Goats

Training baby pack goats is a very “over thought” thing.  It’s because we are so excited to get started that we forget that they train very easily. The primary component to training baby packers is to love them up and create a bond.  Having a good pack goat play structure for babies is key along with taking them along on the trail.  They do very well and are likely much stronger than you think. For much more on training baby pack goats and everything you need to know on how to raise a goat in it’s first year, check out the How to Raise a Baby Goat Course.

If you want good packers, love the babies up and have them do the things packers do from the beginning… They will naturally learn their role very easily.  The only “mistake” you can make in training pack goat kids is to not be with them, very regularly, laying hands on and building the bond.  For a more in depth article on the specifics of pack goat kid training look here. Also, check out our great kid trainer pack.

It’s important to note that pack goats should not carry any weight at all in their first year. The training saddle can be used for years 1 and 2. At age 3 depending on their growth they may fit a crossbuck saddle however they should still not carry full weight. Only after their 4th year are they ready to join the string in carrying full loads. As babies, just focus on making bonding fun. Exercise should just be going on walks that aren’t considered ‘work’ for them.

Here is a video talking about what to do when they are young.[video_embed url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waixDwy4Hig”]

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  2. Gina says:

    I have both experiences, one Alpine I have was only dam raised and until I got him at 3 months had very little contact with humans. What a learning experience he has been. Lots of love lots of time was put in but next to the one I have that was bottle raised no were near as devoted. He is 4 but still spend more time loving on him than the other one because of this, the other guy is Mr Cool, and confident.

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