How To Lead Train A Pack Goat

How To Lead Train A Pack Goat

How To Lead Train A Pack Goat

How to lead train a pack goat is a pretty simple thing.  There are some valid points that I see people don’t that they don’t realize about what there is.  Number one, you really have two kinds of goats.  The kind of goats that you have to drag and the goat that drags you.  Then the one in the middle that you want that just walks with you with a loose leash which is really nice.One of the things I want to show you is I see a lot of people trying to pull goats.  Now I tell people all the time a goat that doesn’t want to move is going to pull against you super strong straight away.  I always tell people never pull a goat always turn a goat.  So, if you turn his head, he comes right with you.  Super simple to turn a goat, very hard to pull a goat.

Two Ways To Drag A Goat by Turning the Head

Now in the beginning I’ll tell you Thorn was a goat I had to drag.  He’s not the goat that drags me, I had to drag him.  So, I’m going to show you how you overcome the strength issue.  What I do with a goat I have to drag is I just teach him I am going to drag you no matter what.  They don’t like to be drug but there is two ways to drag a goat.

Turn Your Goat and Use The Leash Around Your Waist

Number one is straight away.  Now remember they are strong when you’re pulling them so you’re going to be fighting that strength.  What I do is I put the leash around my waist.  So now I got the strength of my body pulling him and it is easy to pull a goat with a lot of strength with the leash around your waist.  So that’s how I will pull a goat when they’re not complying.  I just put the leash around my waist and put my head down and pull the goat.

Lead Training A Stubborn Goat

Now if the goat keeps being a problem, I’m going to pull and turn him.  He’s going to get frustrated with that and he’s just going to come along with me.  So, I’m going to lead him and let’s suppose he keeps pulling against me, I’m just going to turn him.  I’m going to turn him in a circle and then I’m going to keep going.  If he starts pulling again, I turn him in a circle and he’s going to get frustrated with this after a while and realize it’s just best for him to come along.

Lead Training A Goat That Likes To Drag You

Now I’m going to show you how to handle a goat that likes to drag you.  My goat Merciless gets excited and is a goat that likes to lead me.  I don’t really like that.  So that goat that’s always out in front of me again I’m going to turn him. Now he’s behind me again.  If he gets in front again, I turn him.  You can see that you are in control of a big goat if you’re turning him.  So again, the turn rather than pull.  It’s easy to turn a goat.  It’s hard to pull a goat.Now the other thing I see a lot of people do goats do not like to be drug around by just their collar.  If you have their collar with no leash, they do not like this.  Most goats will fight you.  It is uncomfortable for them.  It’s weird.  Merciless doesn’t like it.  But if I put a leash on him, he’s different.  It’s just a weird goat thing.

A Goat That Leads Can Be Stubborn Too

Now look how strong he is straight away from me.  He’s strong.  But if I turn him, he’s got nothing on me.  So, remember always turn a goat and if you need leverage use your body.  It is just instinct for me to wrap a goat around my body to use as leverage.

Pack Goat Collars

So, these are the collars , leash you can get on packgoats.com and a bell attachment.  I hope this helps you leading a goat.  Don’t forget if you get a goat that literally fights you the fastest way to get him to respect a lead is to tie him up in a safe place and leave him.  And that goat will fight that leash for a little while but eventually he will learn that when he pulls on it it’s not going anywhere.  You can watch the full video How to Lead Train a Pack Goat on our YouTube channel.  Don’t forget we have a Pack Goats 101 Course that covers all your pack goat training.