Birth of a Bowhunter (Hunting Bears with Pack Goats)

hunting bears with pack goats


Watch as Jaken Warnke is hunting bears with Pack Goats in this film titled “Birth of a Bowhunter”.  This is his first ever animal to harvest with a bow…truly magical. In this video you will see such a neat moment captured on film…I can’t wait to share this with you.  Jaken is 11 years old in this film and all the bait on this hunt was packed in with pack goats.  Marc Warnke was the cameraman on this film and he and Jaken will never forget this wonderful day with each other hunting bears with pack goats. See more on PackGoats YouTube and TopEndAdventures YouTube channels. For more information on hunting with pack goats, check out our blog.



See the preparation process Jaken went through to prepare him for this hunt. First step was bow training which took quite a bit of work and dedication. Once he graduated to a powerful enough bow with sufficient accuracy he was then able to prepare physically and mentally for taking his first bear. What an experience it was, one neither of us will ever forget. It was such an emotional roller coaster for us both and an amazing experience to share. One my proudest moments.





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  1. Chris Hutchens says:

    Marc, I have five 9 month old goats and no adult goats I am having trouble getting an order figured out for the five boys do you have any suggestions for me? Thanks,Chris

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