How To Set Hunting Camp Up With Pack Goats

How To Set Up Hunting Camp With Pack Goats

How To Set Hunting Camp Up With Pack Goats A lot of you watch me both hunt and hike and do all that stuff.  I wanted to show you how to set up hunting camp with pack goats and break down what my base camp model looks like in elk camp.  There’re some nuances to […]

On Your Homestead, Goats vs Cows: Production

Milking Goats

On Your Homestead, Goats vs Cows: Production This article explains the production on your homestead, goats vs cows. If you read our last article On Your Homestead, Goats vs Cows: Cost, thank you, and welcome to part two. Deciding whether you want to produce milk, grow your own meat, learn which personalities fit best on […]

Why Homesteading with Goats is the Best

Baby Goats

Homesteading is a lifestyle providing self-sufficiency that produces. However, everyone has their own definition of what it means to them. Being a homesteader in this modern-day, there are many possibilities. But it all comes down to what meets your needs and guidelines in your state. Take a look at why goats are the best on […]

Hunting with Pack Goats Podcast: Marc Warnke – Sleeping on Bucks and Bulls

Hunting with Pack Goats

In this podcast, Marc talks about his way of hunting with pack goats. Pack Goat powered hunts allow people to get access. Country that can’t be accessed by wheels, mules, or a backpack is accessible by goat! Discover how Marc makes this possible by listening to his podcast here.

Pack Goat Conditioning and Weight Bearing Timeline

pack goat conditioning

Pack Goat Conditioning Pack Goat conditioning is a “new science” and I’m going to share with you what I have found to works best.  I’ve noticed as new people are coming into this wonderful lifestyle/pastime that they are pushing their goats younger and younger. I wanted to build a timeline that could be followed of […]

Hunting with Pack Goats and Strategy

Hunting with Pack Goats

 Hunting with Pack Goats Hunting with pack goats can be an incredibly effective way to hunt. You just need a good game plan on how to go about it and the advantages will outweigh the disadvantages. I’m going to go into detail on hunting tactics as well as camping and “goat management” equipment that you’ll […]

Hunting Elk with Pack Goats – “Elkville II”

Elkville III In this video Marc Warnke and his buddies harvest 3 6×6 bulls in 4 days.  The bulls were located in different parts of that location. Also, the bulls were taken on three separate mornings over 9 miles in from the trail head.  This trio get’s it done on public land filling freezers with […]

Pack Goat Elk Hunting Video

Hunting with Pack Goats

Pack Goat Elk Hunting Pack goat elk hunting is such a treat. This trip wouldn’t have been possible without pack goats. Watch as Marc Warnke and his buddies harvest two good bulls while hunting alongside their trusty pack goats.  Hunting With Pack Goats can be amazingly rewarding. See more of Marc Warnke’s hunting with pack […]

Birth of a Bowhunter (Hunting Bears with Pack Goats)

hunting bears with pack goats

  Watch as Jaken Warnke is hunting bears with Pack Goats in this film titled “Birth of a Bowhunter”.  This is his first ever animal to harvest with a bow…truly magical. In this video you will see such a neat moment captured on film…I can’t wait to share this with you.  Jaken is 11 years […]