Pack Goat Elk Hunting Video

Hunting with Pack Goats

Pack Goat Elk Hunting

Pack goat elk hunting is such a treat. This trip wouldn’t have been possible without pack goats. Watch as Marc Warnke and his buddies harvest two good bulls while hunting alongside their trusty pack goats.  Hunting With Pack Goats can be amazingly rewarding. See more of Marc Warnke’s hunting with pack goats here.

Follow the story of Marc Warnke and friends on their back country elk hunt. This hunt in particular was full of ups and downs and thankfully they were able to fill out. Initially, the goats were a little difficult to manage but with a little change in strategy, it all worked out well! With a little added planning and strategy, goats are a game changer for back country hunting. Pack in miles from any trailhead and pack bulls back to camp from even further with ease. As it turns out, goats can even add to the hunting experience by adding natural noise and curiosity. The second bull taken on this trip came in to 40 with loose goats all around. What a crazy experience we are all so grateful for! This was the first of many more hunting trips to come. There’s nothing quite like it.


1 thoughts on “Pack Goat Elk Hunting Video

  1. Hannah Miel says:

    Awesome video. I’ve always wanted to hunt in high country areas and this video opened my eyes to what goats can do. I’ll definitely get my pack goat in my future hunting trips.

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