How To Set Hunting Camp Up With Pack Goats

How To Set Up Hunting Camp With Pack Goats

How To Set Hunting Camp Up With Pack Goats A lot of you watch me both hunt and hike and do all that stuff.  I wanted to show you how to set up hunting camp with pack goats and break down what my base camp model looks like in elk camp.  There’re some nuances to […]

Club Membership for Everything Raising Goats

This is a Must-Have for All Goat Lovers Marc Warnke, the Goat Guy, and his lady Tricia at Packgoats.com are here to share with you over 9 years of goat experiences, lessons learned along the way, giving you the confidence to become better stewards with the goal of helping care for and enjoy these special […]

Pack Goat Elk Hunting Video

Hunting with Pack Goats

Pack Goat Elk Hunting Pack goat elk hunting is such a treat. This trip wouldn’t have been possible without pack goats. Watch as Marc Warnke and his buddies harvest two good bulls while hunting alongside their trusty pack goats.  Hunting With Pack Goats can be amazingly rewarding. See more of Marc Warnke’s hunting with pack […]