The Pack Goat Rendezvous 2018

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Pack Goat Rendezvous

The Pack Goat Rendezvous, better known as “The Rendy”, is a super fun event that every goat packer should put on their calendar. For a new goat packer, the Rendy is a must. People literally come from around the world (last year we had one from Australia and another from Hawaii).  You will be able to attend classes on gear, training, and goat health that you will find super helpful and interesting.  But the best part about the Rendy is meeting fellow “kindred spirits” who may, in fact, become lifelong friends. Many people bring their families, which usually includes a goat or two. It’s a place alive with good folks, good food, and good Pack Goat information! It is also a place where NAPGA, North American Pack Goats Association, can raise funds through the auction (be prepared to pick up some useful items!)

2017 Rendy

The Rendy is in Island Park, Idaho this year(2018), near Yellowstone. It’s worth the drive to enjoy the beauty of the area and it will be a crazy-fast way to speed up your learning curve.  Last year we heard talks from John Mionczynski, the man who started all this crazy goat packing here in the U.S. His storytelling is mesmerizing. Then we have Dwight Sharp, who brings his plethora of baby goats-some for sale but most already sold and ready for pick up. If you are lucky enough to embark on a conversation with Dwight you won’t regret it. He is one of the primo breeders of pack goats in the country and  has so much interesting information about these wonderful critters.

Possibly other breeders will bring goats, sharing their knowledge as well.  Also, the latest and most trusted gear will be presented, including saddles and panniers. You will be able to learn, hands on, how to trim hooves, put on a saddle and how to load a pannier from people who have 1000’s of trail miles under their belts.


We have tasty pot luck meals and end the weekend with Clay’s famous Sourdough pancakes. Each night we sit around a campfire and swap stories and have a good ‘ol time. One thing to think about if you are planning on bringing your goats, is that they will stay tied up most of the weekend as they can’t roam around or intermingle.  There are trails to take the goats on a hike although if this is your first year you might find most of your time is spent talking to people about goats and not as much time tending to your own goats!

So, in conclusion, I will tell you, had I known how invaluable the Rendy was going to be to my learning curve, I would have moved mountains to attend.  I highly, highly recommend you go. It’s a blast with some really good folks, and it gets better every year. And selfishly, I want to meet you too.  Please put it on your calendar, June 21-24th,2018.

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6 thoughts on “The Pack Goat Rendezvous 2018

  1. Ken Anderson says:

    Thanks for the sales pitch Marc, we’re in! I’m a little ashamed to say that I have yet to make a Rendezvous because it always seems like something else comes up to derail our plans to attend. This year we’re making it a priority. We look forward to finally meeting all the people we’ve come to know over the past few years via the various FB pack goat groups.
    Ken & Thia Anderson

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