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Goat Guys 2022 Calendar

Support Goat Education

Whether you choose pack goats for backcountry adventures or goats to have on your sustainable farm. You will be blessed and intrigued by these amazing companions! At packgoats.com we appreciate your support in the ongoing discovery of goat education, nutrition, and health! We want to help with all your goat needs.

Marc Warnke’s life was forever changed when goats stole his heart almost a decade ago. He has now become the global authority on pack goats. His mission as a Steward for this amazing animal, has him branching into “all things goats.” As a result, increase awareness and respect for one of God’s anointed creatures.

Comprehensive Goat Nutrition Guide

Comprehensive Goat Nutrition Guide is an accumulation of science-based data on goat nutrition.  Christie Patterson at packgoats.com has been researching for us and compiling all the data.  As a result, this comprehensive goat nutrition guide is FREE for you to download.  It is the up-to-date most current research she has found and we will continue to do even more research.  Please feel free to download and share with others in the goat community.

Marc strives to change the mindset about goats being disposable farm animals to an amazing companion with utility through education, experience, and information. His drive is towards equal treatment and improved care of goats by the scientific community. By changing misconceptions, we build a community of goat lovers who work together to enhance the lives of goats through the prevention of disease and enhanced care.

Ongoing Goat Research 

Ongoing goat research, supporting goat education Goat Guys 2022 Calendar just released!  Enjoy the first edition of the Goat Guys! The calendars are to share our love of goats with the growing goat community…..with a little flare….guys!

These calendars will make great gifts for any occasion!  Goat Guys 2022 calendar includes important numbers, mini calendars of prior and future months, and a full-size spread of all 12 months in 2022!

Order yours today and don’t forget your lady friends.  These make great gifts for any gal who owns a goat.

Don’t forget to check out our Goat Club Membership and all the benefits it has to offer!Goat Head Sticker and Calendar Combo together will save you 15%!  Choose between our black or white goat head sticker to go with your Goat Guys 2022 calendar.  Stickers for windows, laptop, hydro flask, etc.

The Benefits Supporting Goat Education

By supporting goat education you will have all the supplies and up-to-date resources you need as a new goat owner. Learn what a new goat owner needs to know about raising, milking, and packing. At packgoats.com we have the resources and tools to help you succeed and feel confident to grow your goats healthy and happy. Don’t miss out on becoming a goat club member. Therefore, by being a member you will be prepared and ready with guidance to help you along the way.  With your membership, the courses are offered to you at HALF PRICE along with all the other great goodies we have to offer.


Marc Warnke’s passion and desire for goats have inspired the goat community. He has brought joy and happiness with videos, education, and entertainment. His love and kindness towards goats are the many reasons so many have purchased baby goats, courses, gear, and recently the goat guy calendar. Join the goat movement on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and our website Packgoats.com.