Owning and Raising Goats: The How to on all things goats

Owning and raising Goats

Owning and Raising Goats: The How to on All Things Goats I have been owning and raising goats for years. I am continuing to learn how to take better care of these amazing critters. Knowing what I know now, I could have saved so much time, money and frustration if I had a trusted resource […]

Hunting with Pack Goats Podcast: Marc Warnke – Sleeping on Bucks and Bulls

Hunting with Pack Goats

In this podcast, Marc talks about his way of hunting with pack goats. Pack Goat powered hunts allow people to get access. Country that can’t be accessed by wheels, mules, or a backpack is accessible by goat! Discover how Marc makes this possible by listening to his podcast here.

How To Train a Goat With a Squirt Bottle

How to train a goat with a squirt bottle

The #1 rule to training a goat is to never, ever physically discipline a goat by pushing them, striking them or hitting them. They think of you as one of them, so if you use aggressive behaviors toward them, they will respond to you in the same manner. We do not want that, so we […]