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This is a Must-Have for All Goat Lovers Marc Warnke, the Goat Guy, and his lady Tricia at Packgoats.com are here to share with you over 9 years of goat experiences, lessons learned along the way, giving you the confidence to become better stewards with the goal of helping care for and enjoy these special […]

How To Wean a Baby Goat From The Bottle

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How To Wean A Baby Goat From The Bottle In this article learn how to wean a baby goat from the bottle. The weaning process begins around 12 weeks of age. For the first year of a goat’s life, we recommend offering free choice grass mix and minerals. As a result, the free choice of […]

How Goats Thrive Through Winter

How Goats Thrive Through Winter Winter will be here before you know it, how goats thrive through winter will determine how prepared you are. Rather this be your first winter or a winter you wished you had prepared for. Get the tips and resources to make this winter a happy and healthy one. Water Water […]

The Pack Goat Gear You Need As Your Goats Grow Into Packers

Pack Goat Gear List

Pack Goat Gear The pack goat gear that you will need as your babies move from pets to working goats can be daunting.  I suggest you spend some time planning your budget as that magical 3rd and 4th year approach. This is when pack goats can begin to carry loads.  This article’s intention is to […]

Raising Goats: How to Raise a Baby Goat

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Raising Goats: How to Raise a Baby Goat   With spring being around the corner, raising goats is the biggest question everyone has. It’s a loaded question; however, because so much goes into raising these little critters well. After years of raising goats I am still learning about how to take good care of them. […]

Owning and Raising Goats: The How to on all things goats

Owning and raising Goats

Owning and Raising Goats: The How to on All Things Goats I have been owning and raising goats for years. I am continuing to learn how to take better care of these amazing critters. Knowing what I know now, I could have saved so much time, money and frustration if I had a trusted resource […]

How to Feed a Baby Goat

Feed Baby Goat

How to Feed a Baby Goat   There are a few different ways to feed a baby goat, they can be dam raised or bottle fed when raising goats. Each has its unique benefits and drawbacks. The option you choose really depends on your ultimate goal for the goat. You can check out our How […]

Training Baby Pack Goats

Training Baby Pack Goats

Training Baby Pack Goats Training baby pack goats is a very “over thought” thing.  It’s because we are so excited to get started that we forget that they train very easily. The primary component to training baby packers is to love them up and create a bond.  Having a good pack goat play structure for […]