How To Set Hunting Camp Up With Pack Goats

How To Set Up Hunting Camp With Pack Goats

How To Set Hunting Camp Up With Pack Goats A lot of you watch me both hunt and hike and do all that stuff.  I wanted to show you how to set up hunting camp with pack goats and break down what my base camp model looks like in elk camp.  There’re some nuances to […]

Goat Course Bundles

Premium Bundle Course

Goat Course Bundles Goat course bundles have been created to help you succeed in raising healthy happy goats. Goats are the most fascinating and incredible critters, at PackGoats.com our mission is to become a leading resource on all things for owning your goats. In addition, help you feel confident about the information and be successful […]

How To Set Up A Goat Shelter


How To Set Up A Goat Shelter Before your goats even get to the property you need to be prepared by learning how to set up a shelter. The minimum space you would want to allocate to a baby goat is a 20’x25′ area. They need enough room for shelter, bedding, and food. Just remember, […]

Equipment You Will Need for Late Season Goat Packing

Equipment You Will Need for Late Season Goat Packing The equipment you will need for late season goat packing is a durable and adaptable tent, goat coats and high visibility neckbands for your goats.   It is fall season which means nice warm days but chilly evenings and freezing temperatures during the night when you are […]

Hunting with Pack Goats Podcast: Marc Warnke – Sleeping on Bucks and Bulls

Hunting with Pack Goats

In this podcast, Marc talks about his way of hunting with pack goats. Pack Goat powered hunts allow people to get access. Country that can’t be accessed by wheels, mules, or a backpack is accessible by goat! Discover how Marc makes this possible by listening to his podcast here.

Hunting with Pack Goats and Strategy

Hunting with Pack Goats

 Hunting with Pack Goats Hunting with pack goats can be an incredibly effective way to hunt. You just need a good game plan on how to go about it and the advantages will outweigh the disadvantages. I’m going to go into detail on hunting tactics as well as camping and “goat management” equipment that you’ll […]