Build Your Own Goat Feeder

build your own goat feeder

Build Your Own Goat Feeder

Want your herd to be happy and healthy? Build your own goat feeder, and feel good knowing that they are safe and getting the nutrition they need. Read the benefits of having a good design on a goat feeder so when researching you will avoid the frustration of choosing which best feeder fits your herd. This article will give you tips and resources as to why a goat feeder is critical to your goat’s health. These horned goat feeder plans are the culmination of 6 years of progressive development to minimize waste while feeding multiple horned goats while keeping them from entering the feeder to reduce parasite loads.

The Design for the Horned Goat Feeder Plans:

This horned goat feeder maximizes the number of goats able to feed at once while minimizing waste due to
multiple features. It also makes for easy cleaning and restocking of feed. This design maximizes
space by feeding more than 3 goats at once. The width is ideal for allowing dominant and
subdominant goats to feed across from each other rather than one dominant goat dominating an
in-line system. Additionally, the dividers limit goats to individual stalls while allowing them
visibility to evade incoming dominants. The multi-sided feeder provides opportunities for at least
3 goats and up to 8 goats depending on herd dynamics. The Adult feeder accommodates up to 10 goats at once. Build your own goat feeder, the plans offered in this course provide a full materials list, a list of tools required, cuts to make, and assembly instructions. Images are also included showing assembly and measurements.

Waste minimizing features of this design include:

  • 4” gap below the feeder where goats can reach underneath and feed on the nutrient-rich chaff that falls through the utility panel feeder floor.
  • Crossbars over the goat’s horns force goats to maneuver slightly to enter the feeder and keep their heads in and down while they feed.
  • Crossbars however are not so low as to inhibit a quick escape if a dominant goat comes in.
  • The combination of the crossbars and dividers keeps goats from jumping into the feeder and soiling the feed.
  • The middle divider keeps feed accessible to goats while making it uncomfortable and inconvenient for any baby goat that tries to jump in.
  • The open-top design makes placing feed inside effortless and is easily compatible with roofing or slot feeding designs.
  • Finally, the compact low cube design of this feeder makes it easy to clean by tipping it up and
    propping it with an object. It is then easy to pitchfork feed that has fallen through the utility panel
    and actually recycles good feed from underneath.

Ultimately these are the best-horned goat feeder plans to date for feeding multiple horned goats at once. By building your own goat feeder, feel good about the safety and opportunity for your goats to get the nutrition they need without adding to their parasite load. Goats are curious creatures, these feeders are built to last. Dive on in, build this quality feeder, paint it to match your homestead, or leave it be.

build your own goat feeder

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