It’s November Have You Reserved Your Baby Goat

reserve your baby goat

Have You Reserved Your Baby Goat?

reserve your baby goat

It’s November, the best month to buy, have you reserved your baby goats? Why do you ask? It’s breeding season and that means in 150 days, baby goats will be here. Whether you are growing your pack string, adding milk goats to your homestead, or wanting to have your own does to breed and experience your own babies. Here at packgoats.com, we are a one-stop-shop for all things goat. Including all the resources and information on how to raise, train, gear up your packer for their entire lifetime. When looking for goats for sale, it’s all about the right breeder with the right genetics.

Your Investment In Verified Genetics Is Crucial

It is worth every investment when it comes to verified genetics, it is crucial to their growth. Don’t find yourself investing 4 or 5 years into a goat only to find he tops out at 150 lbs and 30″ at the shoulder.  This will cost you so much more than the few hundred you saved on a baby goat. For breeding does, don’t fear the unknown. Have the peace of mind that a doe with proven genetics will produce great packer kids for growing your string. Your chances for success guessing (especially if you are new to goats) and buying an unproven goat is about 20% at best. It is possible to get lucky, but it’s more a game of roulette than not. Your overall cost will be less buying proven packers.

Baby Goat Reservation Service through PackGoats.com

Make your pack goat deposit through this goat reservation service at packgoats.com. It allows you to choose your preferred breed, sex, and quantity of baby goats. Every goat you will be getting Marc Warnke personally has their relatives in his own string.  Packgoats.com is partnered with several breeders across the west, all with proven pack goat genetics. Every kid comes from genetic lines that have been confirmed for multiple generations of goats that have made dependable high performing pack goats. Most of the breeding will be out of the famed Dwite Sharp genetics.  Buying goats with proven genetics is more expensive but well worth the investment. Also, reserving through our site allows us to connect you with a breeder with proven genetics that fulfills your preferences closest to your home location. This reduces travel times for pickup and relieves stress associated with transportation for baby goats.

It’s November you still have time to get your baby goats reserved. Make your investment worth it. For more information on the How to Raise a Baby Goat Course, learn the necessary skills to care for a baby goat in its first year. A course, how-to in one place with everything you need to know to be a successful steward right off the bat without feeling overwhelmed or stressing failure. This video shows how cool these courses can help and guide you. As a result, be the most prepared new goat owner with all the tips and resources at packgoats.com.

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