Club Membership for Everything Raising Goats

This is a Must-Have for All Goat Lovers

Marc Warnke, the Goat Guy, and his lady Tricia at Packgoats.com are here to share with you over 9 years of goat experiences, lessons learned along the way, giving you the confidence to become better stewards with the goal of helping care for and enjoy these special critters. Whether you are a first-time goat owner with no idea where to start or a goat owner who wants to watch and learn and have a mentor close and personable. When you sign up for the Goat Club Membership, you receive all the tools and resources to help you succeed in all things raising goats. Added bonuses include discounts on pack goat gear and accessories, 1/2 price off on all courses, and access to a members-only group for everything going forward in the goat world. Join us on our journey in the goat world!

What is the Goat Club Membership You Ask?

The Goat Club Membership is designed to make you a better goat owner. To have involvement with a mentor with strategies, fundamentals, and the tools to succeed.If you are new to goats the learning curve is steep for the first couple of years. The average vet call is going to cost a couple of hundred dollars a visit. Your membership value will save you money. With live videos of goat health care, topics of raising, milking, birthing, packing, and having as pets, the resources will be beneficial to your success. Plus, not only how to care for goats but building structures, planting pastures, and the whole process of developing a farm will be helpful. In addition to receiving access to all the content available, there are additional perks and discounts. Once a member you will access the insider resources and tools with other great offers and goodies. As a Member, you join a community of people who love goats! You will be the first to know what is coming  We can’t wait for you to join us on our farm.

How Does The Membership Work?

How does the membership work? First, click on the Become a Goat Club Member. Second, choose your option of subscription and then click sign up now. Finally, you will receive instructions to join the members-only private Facebook group platform. Once you become a club member, you will access the private group with all the live videos, monthly Q&As, enjoy the discounts on products and gear, and all other virtual products. You will be the first to know what is coming and have access to a variety of information to assist you in all things goat!

What the Membership Includes

  • Goat health care information & education (articles, videos, blogs)
  • Supplemental information as your goat ages
  • Raising, milking, birthing (new video), packing information
  • Gear/product info (discounts/first to know)
  • Live videos on building structures, preparing for your goat, etc.
  • Access to hunting & packing videos
  • Seasonal calendar of how to raise a goat. (.pdf) – Seasonal from birth to 1 year, milking, breeding, structures, vaccines, boosters, training.
  • Baby Goat Survival Guide (.pdf)
  • Goat Guy Gear List (.pdf)
  • Live Q & A with Marc (1 x per month)
  • Goat calendar (virtual/order option for wall calendar)
  • ½ price on courses
  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP (G.O.A.T. Club) where videos and extra goat information will be released.

Become a Goat Club Member Today

Become a goat club member today to take advantage of the many benefits and perks.  As a goat club member, you will receive 50% off all courses. At packgoats.com we have the resources and tools to help you succeed and feel confident to grow your goats healthy and happy.  As a member you will be able to watch live videos as Marc works with his goats. Therefore, by being a member you will be prepared and ready with guidance to help you along the way.  Not a member of the Goat Club? Take advantage of club membership for everything raising goats and enjoy discounts on gear and products but for members only. In addition to receiving this great offer find out more by clicking below to become a goat club member today.